Can We Tone Down the Disingenuous Rhetoric?

Can We Tone Down the Disingenuous Rhetoric? February 20, 2008

Can someone tell me why it is acceptable to ridicule of Obama by acting as if his supporters view him as the messiah? I really do not get it. I find it appalling.

It would be one thing if someone really did use messianic claims for themselves. Then it would be appropriate to point this out and explain why they are wrong. However, Obama is not doing this.  What, exactly, is the point of such dishonest politics? Don’t you think it will create a backlash?  

Not surprising to anyone who reads this blog, I believe G.W. Bush and his call to bring democracy to the world is the closest thing to political messianism we have seen in recent American politics. It certainly brings out a secular-utopian vision. He believes that it is democracy which saves people from the cruelty of tyrants. He believes he is helping to bring democracy to the world. But he is ignoring the fact that many tyrants have come out of democracies, and the system of government within a nation won’t determine how belligerent that nation is. While I think it is right to debate Bush’s policies, it would be ridiculous to create “Bush the Messiah” websites because of his views. Moreover, it wouldn’t lead to people questioning Bush, but my intellectual honesty.  

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