The Latest Revelations from the Bush-Cheney Torture Regime

The Latest Revelations from the Bush-Cheney Torture Regime August 25, 2009

Just when you thought you had all the information on the worst administration in US history, you find that the well of depravity is seemingly endless. Consider the latest torture revelations:

“The highlights include:  (1) mock executions; (2) threatened rape of family members; (3) threatened murder of children; (4) kicking and beating a detainee with a metal flashlight to death; (5) threatening naked hooded detainees with power drills; (6) blowing cigar smoke in detainees’ faces until they got sick; (7) waterboarding with massive volumes of water far beyond what OLC authorized (to make it “poignant”); (8) stress positions that nearly caused shoulder dislocations; (9) scraping detainees with stiff brushes; (10) choking a detainee with one’s bare hands until they nearly pass out; (11) subjecting detainees to extremely cold temperatures and water dousing; (12) “hard takedowns” (sometimes in diapers); and (13) beating detainees with butts of rifles (followed by kicking them).”

These are clearly despicable, intrinsically evil, acts, perpetrated by the agents of the US government. Where are the critics of “big government” and “statism” when you need them?

Oh sure, the Bush-Cheney administration did not explicitly approve these activities. But what does it serve us to devise neat lists of “good torture” and “bad torture”? It’s all torture, one way or the other, it’s all evil. And when you open the floodgates of hell, you should not be surprised by what comes out.

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