When Natural Family Planning Gets Tough

When Natural Family Planning Gets Tough January 11, 2010

Readers who have been watching Vox Nova for a while know that one of my favorite hobby horses is encouraging a more sober and realistic view of Natural Family Planning in marriage prep classes and other venues.  I am particularly concerned that those who struggle with NFP are often hung out to dry by the very same Church community that promised so many benefits from its use.

In August, Josh B over at Evangelical Catholicism wrote a post for NFP Awareness Week.  I asked him, in the com boxes, if he would be interested at some point in writing a bit for and about couples who struggle with NFP.  He has taken some time out of his busy life to respond to my request and now has two posts up on the topic over at EC.  I think they are well done and I am encouraged any time Catholics actually bother to talk about this stuff.  It is my sincere hope that Josh’s work will be an encouragement and show of solidarity for those couples for whom NFP is a cross.  I also hope that continued conversations like this one will lead to more effective pastoral support of such couples.

Check out:

Troubles With NFP: Part 1

Troubles With NFP: Part 2

And do let Josh know what you think.

Brett Salkeld is a doctoral student in theology at Regis College in Toronto.  He is a father of two (so far) and husband of one.  He is the co-author of How Far Can We Go?  A Catholic Guide to Sex and Dating.

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