I Met the Good Samaritan

I Met the Good Samaritan February 22, 2011

I don’t particularly like talking directly about myself, but to tell this story I have to. I was walking to work yesterday (which is my usual custom) when I had an accident. It was snowing and there was an inch or two on the ground. This was not a problem, but I discovered, the hard way, that on one stretch of sidewalk it covered a sheet of ice. I slipped, recovered, and slipped again. I fell, hard. It turns out that I broke my ankle in three places. Obviously I did not know this at the time, but I could tell that something bad had happened.

I was able to pull myself up on a snowbank, and waved at a passing car. It was a beat up old dodge with a couple sitting in the front. They stopped and asked what I wanted. I got them to call 911. They then stayed with me for the 20+ minutes it took for an ambulance to come. I also was able to get them to call my wife, so she could come down: she arrived with the ambulance and was able to follow us to the hospital. This anonymous couple did not leave until my wife came.

They didn’t know me, and they were clearly anxious to be on their way (I suspect that they were late for work because of me). But they stayed, and in staying, proved themselves to be my neighbor. May God bless them and fill them with many graces for their goodness to me!

P.S. I am doing okay. I had surgery in the afternoon, and while I am bedridden for a few days and on crutches for 6-8 weeks, I should be fine. Pray for my wife who has to take care of me.

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