F-ing Tennis Shoes?

F-ing Tennis Shoes? December 23, 2011

I went shopping today, I went to church in other words.

Yesterday, my post (arguing that D. Trump is the president who forces us to face our present, national reality—and a reality we deserve) was met by some outrage on several accounts.

One of them was this: my profanity-laced jeremiad against shopping and the USA went too far.

Here is some recent news to the contrary:

ESPNCNNReutersNY Daily News

This is who we are. This is our religion. The great shopping nation. The greatest consumers of all time.

Thank God that, in these waning moments of Advent, our great season of Hope, Aslan is the move! Thank God that we do not get what—indeed Who—we deserve!

Come Lord Jesus, come quickly! Rejoice, rejoice, oh Israel…

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