Navigating Through Life With Your Spirit Guide

Navigating Through Life With Your Spirit Guide December 5, 2018

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To navigate through life, most people rely on their five senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. But if you’re like a lot of spiritual people, you sometimes find yourself relying on a way of knowing that exists beyond the physical senses, using a sixth sense known as intuition.

You’ve probably felt the push or pull of intuition. Where does it come from?

If you listen to two prominent names in the world of spirituality, author and frequent Oprah show guest Gary Zukav, and the modern day channeler Paul Selig, they will both tell you intuition comes from a non-physical source: spirit guides.

In his landmark 1989 book Seat of the Soul, Zukav explains that many of us are “multisensory personalities” who rely on “impulses, hunches and sudden and subtle insights” for guidance.  These different strands of intuition originate in our soul and are informed by “advanced intelligences that assist the soul on its evolutionary journey.” He believes these “nonphysical teachers” produce a level of truth we would be hard-pressed to uncover on our own. Zukav explains them this way:

Other intelligences inhabit other ranges of frequency. They coexist with us but are invisible to us. In the place that you now sit exist many different beings, each active in its own reality. These realities comingle with yours…but are undetectable to the human eye.

While the five-sensory person may receive the same insights, he or she believes they originate from the psyche and gives them short shrift. On the other hand, the multisensory personality strives to increase his or her awareness of this guidance and interacts with it. According to Zukav, when faced with a decisions or challenge, you should:

Ask the Universe to “help me to see.” The answers may not always come in the ways that you expect, but they always come. Sometimes in the form of a feeling—a yes or no feeling—sometimes in the form of a memory, or a thought or a dream and sometimes in the form of a realization that is prompted by an experience that will occur the next day.

Zukav believes we can ask for and receive this guidance from a spirit guide at any time. It starts with “approaching the questions in your life with a sense of faith that there is a reason for all that is happening” and that what is happening is for your own good. He writes of the rich rewards of accessing this wisdom:

The ability to draw consciously upon your nonphysical guidance and assistance, to communicate consciously with a non-physical Teacher, is a treasure that cannot be described, a treasure beyond words and value.

Have you heard of Paul Selig? Over the past few years, he has produced a number of channeled books that are dictated to him by a spiritual guide. If like most people, even those with a spiritual bent, you question whether this is too “woo-woo,” I recommend you listen to a podcast or watch a video where this channeling takes place. If Selig is a fraudster, he has put together one fantastic act. With repeated exposure, it has become clear to me that Selig is genuine.

Writing in his first bookI Am The Word, Selig compares our head to a radio that is constantly being bombarded by various frequencies. (Zukav uses a similar radio analogy.) Often lost in all the noise, is the guidance we receive. If you’re determined to hear this guidance, you must decide that you are aligned to a higher frequency and that’s what your radio is playing. This is the place where your spirit guides communicate with you, offering you guidance and support.

Selig writes that we all already hear these guides but literally tune them out. The key is to “trust that you have a spirit guide or an angel or guardian or a personal teacher” and believe that these guides are working with you to support your growth. Once you do this, you’ll be better able to tune in to your own higher knowing, resulting in intuitive hunches, feelings and, in some cases, a clear inner voice that tells you precisely what you need to do in any situation.

In I Am The Word, Selig (through his spirit guide) provides a number of invocations for us to recite to get the ball rolling. They are declarations of our intent to tune into this higher frequency and put it to use, a signal to our spirit guides that we’re open to their assistance. Here’s a portion of one:

I have wisdom now available to me and I will ask myself what I need to know. I have understanding available to me and I will consciously connect to my understanding in a way that will give me the information and knowing that I require.

Do these spirit guides really exist? Are they here all the time but we just can’t see them because they exist in another dimension? If we believe in them, can we better access their wisdom? Do they work in our lives like proverbial guardian angels? Maybe, but you’ll never know until you try to tune in for yourself.

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