How to Change Your Energy (And Your Life)

How to Change Your Energy (And Your Life) April 18, 2024
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Everything is energy and energy is what humans are really made of. When we change our energy, we can change ourselves.

That’s the basic premise set forth by Dr. Sue Morter in The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life. Morter is preaching a message similar to that of Dr. Joe Dispenza and the lesser-known life philosopher Joe Burt—that when we learn to control and manage our own internal energy, we’re more likely to find contentment and success in life.

Morter has a unique backstory. A chiropractic doctor specializing in natural healing, she had “a profound awakening” while meditating one day. The doctor says she was able to access an energy field that existed within her body and instantly achieved a higher level of consciousness. With this new spiritual awareness, she immediately resolved several emotional and physical issues she was facing. She then made it her life’s work to teach what she learned to others.

Dr. Morter is now a worldwide lecturer on managing and improving your personal energy. If this sounds a little woo-woo, know that the doctor’s beliefs are grounded in science, including neurobiology and quantum physics. As a result of her teachings, she claims she has “enabled thousands of people all over the world to overcome pain, disease, fatigue, anxiety and depression, and to awaken their innate creativity, intuition, and inner power.”

How this energy thing works: the small picture.

The doctor starts with a basic science lesson: Everything is made up of atoms. The chair you’re sitting on, the cup you’re drinking from, the phone or laptop you’re now holding. You and I are also made up from atoms, which are comprised of subatomic particles. But what’s amazing is nothing is as solid as it seems. These subatomic particles, comprised of protons, neutrons, and electrons are never still. They are constantly moving.

Now comes the wild part: Morter tells us there’s a way to harness this energy and that “we can actually shift and manage these fields and bring about change in our lives.” How? The key is to direct your attention and awareness toward your core (the center of your body), where she says we can “rearrange photons on the energetic level.” When we focus our thoughts there, “our intentions become more ‘real’ or present in the physical world.”

Think of it as kind of a Law of Attraction where the starting point is you on a subatomic level. Morter says that when you come to this realization, you are “no longer controlled by the outer world bringing experiences” to you … these experiences now come “through you” and ultimately “from you” for your benefit. She continues:

Everything you desire to be, do, and create is already within you, just waiting for you to connect the necessary circuitry to bring it to light.

How this energy thing works: the big picture.

If it gives you a headache to think about changing yourself on a subatomic level, the good news is Morter presents an easier way to look at it, a bigger picture. The doctor says that energy is, or at least should be, constantly flowing through us. It’s an idea based on the Indian chakras that there are seven centers of spiritual power within our bodies through which energy flows. Think of the flow beginning at the top of your head, moving through your core to your pelvic floor, and then to the earth below your feet.

The problem? Sometimes our flow gets blocked by “interferences in the energy field.” These interferences can be caused by both physical problems, like an aching back or an unsettled stomach, or emotional issues like fear, anger, or heartache. We’re at our best when our energy field is clear because as Morter points out, “if it isn’t flowing in your body, it isn’t flowing in your life.”

In The Energy Codes, Morter talks to all seven of the energy codes (or chakras) within our body, and their purpose or function. For this story, I’m going to focus on the one that seems the most important, at least from my perspective. It’s what she calls “the anchoring code.”

Dr. Morter points out that we too often live in our minds and try to “think” our way to a better life. That’s especially true when we have a problem or issue to resolve, with the pros and cons of any given situation swirling through our brains. But what we really should be focusing on is not our head, but our hearts, “turning our attention inward to the body and grounding our awareness there.” Think of it as dropping an awareness anchor right into y0ur core.

Move your “awareness” from your brain to your heart.

Here’s a simple spiritual exercise to try: Take the feeling of awareness that’s in your head and let it settle into the area around our heart, Morter says this allows us to “shift out focus from the external world to the energetic core that is our true essence.”

One way to help this process is to focus on your breath as it enters your chest area. The doctor tells us that “breath is energy—so when we draw breath into and out of our bodies, we are moving energy into and out of our personal energy fields as well. She recommends we engage in “belly breathing.”

It works like this: With each breath, rather than breathing shallowly in the chest, extend your belly on the inhale and compress it on the exhale. Morter wants us to breathe deeply, allowing the breath to move energy in and through our chakras. She advises:

  • Visualize each inhalation moving from your belly to the tip of the spine and out into the earth below
  • Imagine each exhale moving up through the throat and out the top of your head

The goal of this breathwork, and the energy code program in general:  to live not just in our head, but rather in “your whole system: mind, body, and breath combined” and to “bring your mind, body, and soul, into true relationship with one another.”

When we do this, “we know and feel our oneness with everything and feel separate from nothing. Stress and worry don’t exist, because we know, unequivocally, that everything in our life ultimately serves our well-being … all our life experiences are happening for our ultimate benefit. It’s all in our favor.”

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