True Greatness and What it Means for God’s People

True Greatness and What it Means for God’s People June 28, 2023

As 2023 rolls on, the political climate has become more volatile than ever before. The race for the White House has heated up with numerous candidates vying for your vote in 2024.

Vote 2024
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Much like the 2016 election conservatives don’t have a true candidate who represents their values. As a conservative voter, I tend not to focus on popular subjects; I lean towards more traditional conservative ideals.

  • Spiritual views
  • Character
  • Moral Values

Over the years conservative politics have shifted away from traditional values. While most still hold to big moral topics like abortion and homosexuality; many are more concerned about being in control, having power, and earthly comfort. Like our Jewish stepfathers, we have exchanged the goods of God for the goods of the world and earthly greatness.


Regardless of where you look, our culture is consumed with achieving earthly greatness; even so-called conservative politicians claim they can restore America to greatness! The wisdom of King Solomon has long been neglected (Ecclesiastes 2:1-11).

For nearly 245 years the United States has been called the greatest nation on the planet, but many forget about our humble beginnings and escaping the rule of England; they forget how America became the “melting pot” of the world.

Immigrants arriving
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Our forefathers weren’t striving to be the greatest nation in the world; they were striving to be faithful to God. God blessed America and made it into a great nation, not a party or a man! Historically when nations focus on earthly greatness it isn’t long before they fall! Pride indeed comes before the fall and not just for individuals, nations and empires fall when they become consumed with earthly greatness.

 Empires Fall!

Most empires implode from pride like the Oceangate submersible. Some of the greatest nations and empires of the world no longer exist today after conquering most of the known world of their time! Many are just tourist attractions people visit for fun.

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  1. The Egyptian Empire (3100 B.C.- 332 B.C.)
  2. The Babylonian Empire (1894 BC-1595 B.C.
  3. The Roman Empire (27 B.C.-476 A.D.)
  4. the Russian Empire (1721–1917)

Earthly empires don’t last because they are only earthly kingdoms focused on temporary greatness! While fleeing the Egyptian Empire, God’s people wanted to be a great nation themselves and cried out to God for an earthly king (1 Samuel 8:5). After King Saul became prideful, he was replaced by David who fathered the wisest man of all, King Solomon.

After King Solomon died, Israel became a divided nation with 19 different kings, all of them did evil in the eyes of God (2 Kings 13:1-2, 2 Chronicles 36:5). King Solomon warned us about pursuing earthly greatness and temporary pleasures because they don’t last.

The Other Son?

Over 1000 years after King David died, the other “Son of David,” the Messiah was born. Jesus challenged a lot of the popular Jewish beliefs about greatness when He came as a humble King and not a conquering ruler.

God’s own people rejected their Savior because He was humble and not powerful (in a worldly sense!)

Jesus King of the Jews
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Yet, He fulfilled the prophecies of the suffering servant (Psalm 22, Isaiah 53:1-9). Jesus personified the shift from power to humility (true power). His wisdom rivaled that of King Solomon. He taught His Disciples about true greatness that can change the world.

  • Kindness
  • Unconditional love
  • Humility

Jesus warned His disciples not to abuse their power like earthly rulers (Matthew 20:25-29). His focus was on the least of these because His ways aren’t like this world (Isaiah 55:1-5). In His Kingdom, the least of this world is the greatest (Matthew 19:30, Mark 10:31)!

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