Khen, America, And God’s People

Khen, America, And God’s People October 7, 2023

This week the cold-heartedness of the current GOP was on display as far-right extremists proudly voiced their opposition to further supporting Ukraine in it’s effort against the oppressive land grab of Russia.

Russian Invasion of Ukraine
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While I understand the concern over sending aid abroad while there is so much need here on American soil, I also understand there are a lot of principles at work in the ongoing international crisis.

  • Political
  • Military
  • Spiritual

Americans know we have been blessed by God as a nation for almost 300 years. Regardless of what the spiritual climate of America is today, our founding fathers established America on Christian principles.

After breaking from the oppressive dictatorship of England, the colonists sought to be agents of change, free of evil rulers, and welcomed foreigners from every corner of the planet.

God has blessed this “melting pot” of the world, not because we are a perfect nation, but because we have been a generous one. God has shown us favor, mercy, and grace although we certainly don’t deserve it.


Grace is an often forgotten teaching in Christianity today. Grace is the undeserved favor of God or anyone with power. Jesus showed grace to the outcasts of His day.

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Grace never abuses its power. Jesus told Paul that His grace is made perfect in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). We are made perfect or right with God through God’s grace.

After persecuting God’s people and the early church, The Apostle Paul received God’s grace at his lowest point. The Apostle would go on to tell the early church that God’s grace is a gift to all who believe (not just Christians) (Romans 3:24, Ephesians 2:8).

The Apostle Paul is reminding his audience of the Jewish teaching about God’s grace being a gift that is free to anyone, even the worst of sinners.


The Hebrew word used for grace in Judaism is Khen and it also means, favor, kindness, and precious. Israel, as God’s people repeatedly experienced God’s divine grace. Israel was a small and nomadic people (Psalm 86:15).

They were defenseless and often overtaken by more powerful nations. That is why God promised the Hebrew Abram to make him into a great nation. God showed Abram unmerited favor despite his disobedience.

For thousands of years, God has continued to fight for Israel because His people are humble and defenseless. They have experienced the divine grace of God. Below are seven attributes of God’s divine grace.

  1. Grace is a gift.
  2. Grace brings salvation.
  3. Grace empowers us to live godly lives.
  4. Grace is patient.
  5. Grace is available to everyone.
  6. Grace isn’t lost.
  7. Grace isn’t repaid.

Jesus consistently showed grace to others during His ministry on earth; because He was focused on continuing His Father’s work (John 5:17). The Pharisees’ head knowledge never penetrated their hearts, because their hearts were cold to the ways of God.

The Last Supper
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They failed to show grace to others because they were too focused on earthly greatness and the faults of others.


We all have faults because we are not perfect. We cannot be like the Pharisees and claim we have no sins. Jesus had every right to throw stones but decided to show mercy.

Jesus showed compassion, the Pharisees displayed corruption. We shouldn’t find faults, but forgiveness because that is a fruit of grace.

  • Mercy
  • Patience
  • Forgiveness
The flag of Israel in Yad LaShiryon, Latrun, Israel.×?×?×? ×?שרא×? ×?"×?×? ×?שר×?×?×?", ×?×?ר×?×?, ×?שרא×?
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As I am writing this Israel is enduring another relentless and unprovoked attack. Since 1948 the United States has recognized and supported Israel as a nation. The United States should continue to support others because we are a people of grace (Khen)!

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