The God-shaped Hole, Yada And God’s People

The God-shaped Hole, Yada And God’s People November 18, 2023

This week people were shocked to hear the disturbing news about a popular music mogul. On the surface, he was a respectful businessman. However, we must get to know people on different levels.

That is why God created us all with the need for connection. God understands the need for community. We need to connect regularly with other people who know us.

  • Business connections
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Intimate relationships

We don’t just need these connections during the holidays. When God created man, He acknowledged it wasn’t good for us to be alone (Genesis 2:18); when I was younger I heard about a “God-shaped hole” inside of every one of us.


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It is an intense longing to be known and to know others. We connect with what we know. Moses tells us God created Eve as a helpmate suitable for Adam.

Despite what the world believes, relationships aren’t just about physical connection—sex is much deeper!


Sex isn’t just a physical one, it is an intense time of connecting. Almost 30 years after losing 30% of my brain, I can still remember every physical sensation, smell, and sound of sex.

People remain connected long after the physical action. Let me clear the air, there is nothing wrong with sex, it is part of God’s design for creation. God ordained it and said it is good (Genesis 1:28, Leviticus 26:9, Psalm 127:3).


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Since the fall in the garden, mankind has been trying to reconnect; the man and the woman and mankind to God. Sex is a spiritual act because it is a process of connecting with others at the deepest level.


The Jewish prophet Moses used the Hebrew word yada to describe the intimacy between Adam and Eve (Genesis 4:1- 23). Yada is the Hebrew word for “to know”, again this isn’t just a headknowledge, it is deep intimate knowledge that becomes physical.

This knowing leads to an action and results in children (Genesis 4:25-26). This idea is found throughout the Old Testament to describe God’s relationship with us (Psalm 139:15- 16, Jeremiah 1:5).

The imagery here is clear, God has an intimate and deep knowledge and connection to us; just like between a husband and his wife who “know” each other deeply. That is why Judaism has specific guidelines for sex.

  1. It is reserved for marriage
  2. it is the duty of the husband to have sex with his wife
  3. it is mutually pleasurable
  4. it is forbidden during the menstruation cycle
  5. Procreation is a duty of man

In Christianity, the idea of sex is seen in the Godhead, the triune God is so connected, that they are one.  Jesus stated that whoever has seen Him, has seen the Father and the Holy Spirit only does what the Father says (John 14:8- 9; 16:13-15.)

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When Jesus sent out the Disciples, He commanded them to teach them everything He had taught them, discipleship is multiplying God’s people, reconnecting them to God. Our intimate relationship with God makes us holy.


We are made holy through the blood of Jesus. In Judaism, the shedding of blood on the wedding night is evidence of a husband and wife’s total commitment to each other.


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Marriage itself is considered holy because it is a divine act of God (Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:4-6). We can’t listen to the world over what God says about marriage. Our call is to know the ways of God. Our faith is shown by what we do with what we know.

  • Love
  • Patience
  • Forgiveness

When the Pharisees accused the woman caught in the act of adultery, Jesus forgave her because only He was Holy. When we try to fill the God-shaped hole in our heart with anything besides God, we commit adultery.

We must remain connected to God through our actions and not just our words or beliefs. This week another conservative politician was exposed by his actions which contradicted his words and party’s beliefs. His desire for sex revealed what he knows (Yada)!

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