God’s People, Har-Meggido, and the End of the World

God’s People, Har-Meggido, and the End of the World January 6, 2024

There is no denying that this world is becoming more violent and unstable as we enter the new year. The United States has already seen its first school shooting of the year. Russia launched a ruthless attack on the capital of Ukraine this week.

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Last month there was a senseless shooting at a university in Prague. Gun violence is becoming more prevalent because the days becoming more evil. This world is fallen and doomed.

  • Violence
  • Pride
  • Greed



Humanity and creation have been cursed since the fall in the garden because mankind wanted more than God had already given us (Genesis 3:1-7.) Adam and Eve’s thirst for more corrupted their hearts and resulted in this world and creation being cursed by God (Genesis 3:10-14.)

Because of the fall of humanity and the corruption of this world, God promised to redeem humanity by creating a new world and a people after His own heart (Isaiah 65:17-19; 66:22.)  However, both spiritually and physically, the old must pass away to make room for the new.

The new begins with the end of the old, most people call this the apocalypse, but the apocalypse isn’t the same as Armageddon.


Before God judges the world, it will get much worse, wars between the nations are just the beginning, but the final battle is between the wicked of this world led by Satan against God and the armies of heaven (Revelation 12:9;16:14.)

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The Apostle John says that Jesus returns leading the great armies and conquerors Satan for once and all (Revelation 19:1-21; 20:1-3.) God and the armies of heaven will destroy evil and restore Paradise that was lost in the garden on a new earth.

Armageddon is not so much about the end times, as it is about a place—a place God will finally destroy evil and build the kingdom of God!


Long before the Disciples and Apostles wrote the New Testament in Greek and warned God’s people about Armageddon, the Jewish people knew about the battle between good and evil, God’s judgment, and where this final battle would be.

Valley and hills
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The word Armageddon is a deviation of the Hebrew word Megiddo, Har-Meggido or the hill of Megiddo is a historic city and battle site in Israel with a rich history of Israel’s victories against their enemies.

The region is made up of steep mountains and winding valleys that would give an enemy the upper hand during a fierce confrontation. The region also is made up of volcanic ash that foretells of the forthcoming fires of the Apocalypse.




Many of the Old Testament Jewish prophets also saw visions of the final great confrontation that would end the world.

  1. Ezekiel (Ezekiel 38-39)
  2. Daniel (Daniel 12:1- 10)
  3. Joel (Joel 3: 2; 12-14)
  4. Zechariah (Zechariah ( 9-14)
  5. Isaiah (Isaiah 1-7)

the prophet Isaiah describes the Day of the Lord as a great wedding feast, a foreshadowing when the Messiah, Jesus, returns to fight for His bride and vanquishes evil forever.

Armageddon isn’t nation versus nation, it is the evil of this fallen world led by Satan versus Jesus and the armies of heaven. Our Lord Jesus will lead the charge against evil and vanquish it from this world (Revelation 19:11- 16.)

This World

We live in a sinful world that is temporary. God will destroy it and create a new heaven and earth. This is why earthly greatness and things and power are meaningless (Ecclesiastes 5:9-12.)

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False teachers and messiahs focus on things that will not last because, they aren’t of art from God, the other “Son of David” understood things of this world are meaningless.

  • Power
  • Wealth
  • Fame

The Messiah and the kingdom of God are eternal. Heaven will be a place where Satan cannot still, kill or destroy (Revelation 21:1-4.) God’s people cannot be deceived by temporary things in the lies of this fallen world.  Because evil and to pray things will all be destroyed at Har-Meggido!

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