The World, YHWH Šāmmā, and the Curse

The World, YHWH Šāmmā, and the Curse January 10, 2024

Earlier this week there was an attempted launch of a lunar Lander to the moon. Actually, this year is the beginning of another space race as companies and countries look for ways to get away from Earth.

For almost a century modern man has looked for ways to leave this planet. Whether many want to admit it or not, we all know this planet is cursed.

Climate Change
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  • Corruption
  • Wars
  • Weather extremes
  • Natural disasters

More recently there has been a renewed debate over the Earth’s climate change and how the Earth is changing. There is no denying that life on this planet is getting worse.

Mother nature is out of control. But not as a result of using fossil fuels or the ozone zone deteriorating. This planet has been cursed almost since the beginning and one day the Bible is clear it will end to make way for the new heaven and new earth (Revelation 21:1-27.)

New Worlds

Science fiction isn’t that fictional and is based on a few biblical teachings. For over 2000 years Christianity has taught that this planet is cursed and headed for destruction.

Jesus and His followers taught the early church to fix their eyes on things above and not the temporary things of this world because this world is perishing (Matthew 16:23, Romans 8:6-8, Colossians 3:1-4.)

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The Apostle John said that the love of things in this world is not from God (1 John 2:16.) And one day things of this world will perish (1 John 2:17.) The old must pass away to make room for the new and better.

YHWH Šāmmā

The Old Testament prophets prophesied about a new earth and new Heaven also, the prophet Ezekiel used the term, “YHWH Šāmmā “to describe a new Jerusalem where God abides With His people after the great war (Ezekiel 38-48.)

This is the beginning of God’s true kingdom on earth where Eden and man’s relationship with God is restored. The New Jerusalem is where God’s people and the Messiah rule and dwell during the messianic age. Below are some of the other common Hebrew names for this new glorified city.

  1. Tabernacle of God
  2. Holy City
  3. Heavenly Jerusalem
  4. Jerusalem Above
  5. Zion
  6. Shining City on a Hill

Interestingly, Jesus used we the last term to describe the church (Matthew 5:13-16.) because God’s people are supposed to be His representatives on earth during this age.

City on a Hill
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We are not allowed to continue to live in darkness although we do live in a fallen world (John 8:12.) Jesus promised one day God will renew this fallen world (Matthew 19:28.)

The Jewish prophets foretold of the messianic age when the Messiah and God’s people would rule the new earth and Jerusalem for 1000 years (Isaiah 11:3-5, Daniel 2:35.)  The Kingdom of God replaces the old, the earth and heavens must pass away because they are tainted by the curse.


In the beginning God’s original plan was for Him to do well amongst His people (Genesis 3:8-10 😉 that relationship was broken when mankind’s desire for more led it to rebel against God.

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As I write this the eastern coastline of America is experiencing severe weather causing injuries and death. Paradise was lost because sin broke the fellowship between God and His creation.  Ever since the beginning, the creation has been cursed and longs to be restored to God (Romans 8:19.)

  • Pain
  • Death
  • Spiritual death
  • Hard labor

In the Old Testament God promised to restore everything to make things right between God and His creation (Isaiah 43:18; 65:17.) This theme of God renewing and restoring His people runs throughout the Old Testament and into the New Testament (Jeremiah 16:17, 2 Corinthians 5:17.)


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