Politics, Tᵊp̄illâ, and God’s Will

Politics, Tᵊp̄illâ, and God’s Will February 28, 2024

This week the Republican-controlled House returned from vacation and the problems of the GOP have continued to cripple our government. The speaker still refuses to even allow a vote on the floor to solve our border crisis.

Russia is making advances in its attempt to overthrow Ukraine because many congressmen put their personal agendas before the needs of others. Our ally Israel is awaiting aid in its war against Hamas.

The problem is instead of putting others first, many politicians are focused on their selfish desires (Matthew 6:24, 1 Corinthians 10:24, Philippians 2:3.)

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  • Control
  • Wealth
  • Popularity

The irony is politicians serve the people and their interests, not political agendas, personal favors, or a popular politician.

It’s primary season and everyone is trying to get what they want, but candidates still work for the people, not vice versa. That is the selfish worldview of a lost.

However, Christianity teaches God’s people to be more concerned about pleasing God, than being people pleasers (John 12:43, Gal 1:10.)

Christian nationalism on the other hand focuses more on a political party’s agenda than doing God’s will. Because of that, I am currently praying about leaving the GOP after this election cycle and seeking God’s will for my ministry.


Various religions use prayer to talk with God. Prayer has been practiced since God placed man in the garden to work. The man and woman had to commune with God to know and do His will.

However, like everything else, Satan has twisted prayer into a means of getting what we want from God, instead of seeking God’s will. Prayer is supposed to be mankind’s lifeline to our heavenly father. Prayer helps us to connect with God during Lent.

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The Old Testament teaches us that God hears our prayers (Psalm 50:15, Jeremiah 33:3.) It isn’t a spiritual means to get worldly goods or our selfish desires. The New Testament teaches us to go to God in prayer about everything (Romans 12:12, Philippians 4:6, James 5:16.)  The Apostle Paul learned about the importance of prayer through his Jewish upbringing.


Prayer is important in Judaism. It is how God’s people sought God’s will for them. The Hebrew word used in the Old Testament for prayer is Tᵊp̄illâ and it can mean intercession or supplication or even be a song sung to God, not men.

Prayer is like a one-way line to God, meditation is what we do with what we hear from God. Jewish prayer focuses on God’s will, not man’s. Below are some common Jewish prayers and blessings according to Judaism 101.

  1. Chanukah Candle Lighting Blessings
  2. Havdalah Home Ritual
  3. Prayers for Healing
  4. Mourner’s Kaddish
  5. affixing a Mezuzah
  6. Rosh Hashanah Blessings
  7. Shabbat Evening Home Ritual
  8. Shema
  9. Sukkot Blessings
  10. Donning Tallit and Tefillin

As we study prayer we can see it always focuses on God’s will, not our wants. The Shema reminds us to love God with all that we are and not our selfish wants (Deuteronomy 6:4-9.)

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If we focus on loving God we will be different from the cursed world we live in. Jesus reminded His followers to not pray like the world and to love God more than anything (Matthew 6:6; 22:36-40.) Prayer is not a performance for men; it is a practice of seeking God’s will.

God’s Will

A fundamental teaching for God’s people is to always seek His will (Matthew 6:33, Romans 12:1-4, Ephesians 5:17.). God’s will is what separates his people from this fallen world.

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The Old Testament prophets urged Israel to seek God’s will (1 Chronicles 16:11, Psalm 119:2, Jeremiah 29:12-13.) This is why Jesus reminded His followers to know and do God’s will (Matthew 7:21.) God’s will and ways aren’t like the world’s.

  • Selfish
  • Evil
  • Corrupt

God’s people should always seek God’s will, we cannot practice the ways of the world. As I write this there is growing backlash over Israel’s response to the attacks by Hamas.

The fallout has spread across the Middle East and to America. Hatred and evil spread because even God’s people have sinful and corrupt hearts. That is why we must go to God about everything through Tᵊp̄illâ!


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