Sea Monster

Sea Monster July 26, 2013

Earlier in July I took a vacation to the Chesapeake bay. We stayed along the Calvert cliffs, a place that is known for its great cliff faces. They hold treasures from the Miocene era, over 5-20 million years ago! There were wonderful creatures to be found along the beach, the blue heron, horseshoe crabs and many more. The cliffs were calm and cool and full of beauty and poison! After careful examination they were filled with poison hemlock! There was something else about the cliffs that were powerful!

A few days after being at the beach, we took a trip to the local measueume the Calvert Marine Mesueume. We got to play with local sea creatures, starfish, sting ray, turtles etc. It is the home to over 40,000 different fossil specimine that were found within just miles of Solomons Island.

On the beach hundreds of fossilized shark teeth are strewn on the beach, if you look closely enough you can find all shapes and sizes, maybe even a Megalodon tooth or 2. I was able to find one small megalodon tooth, and several other extinct sharks teeth. While sitting on the beach, I could feel the energy of the Sharks, and found out later that this area is believed to be the nursing area for the Megalodon before they became extinct. Sitting and meditation on the beach, I began to connect with the energy of the Megalodon.


Now you may think I am crazy trying to connect with the energy of a long extinct vicious predator. Take a moment and think, we connect with the energy of the Dragon an extinct species that we have no actual proof ever existed, but is rumored to have taken the lives of human and livestock. So why not the dragon or monster of the sea? Much like the dragon the megalodon is a large other worldly creature. Though it doesnt breath fire its massive jaws, and muscular body give it immense power. There is no known exact size of this creature, but it is estimated to be anywhere from 40-120

The word megalodon means “big tooth” in Greek. The megalodon speaks of strength, increased power protection, seizing the moment, taking what is yours, adaptability and slashing down ones enemy, or should I say chomping down on ones enemy! It is a fast and larger than life creature. It is said, to wear its tooth gives one control over others within their auric sphere. Much like its smaller descendant the Great White shark it had keen natural instinct, and is very adaptable. This is, in my opinion a very powerful Ancestor amulet.

We tend to think of Ancestors only as humans of the past, but in fact animals are included as well. If you are into ancestor work, wearing a fossilized shark or megalodon tooth can connect you to the ancestor realm and especially that of the Megaladon. It can also be used in magic. Being a powerful and fierce object, it can be used for protection, success, to help you grow in strength, grow your own power, protection from the sea, masculinity, to thwart an enemy, give you the power of a predator, to uncurse, or curse among many other things.

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