Daily Water Rituals

Daily Water Rituals October 11, 2019

There are several ways to connect with water on a daily basis. Small repetitive rituals that are meant to help you deepen your connection to water, acknowledge its presence each day, to nourish your soul and to connect you to the depths of its watery source. Below are a few different approaches you can take when connecting with water on a daily basis.

Drinking Water with Intent

We know that water absorbs and enhances items that are placed in. When we do this with intent we can focus on creating a particular type of energy to ingest first thing in the morning. You may wish to create your water the night before perhaps adding quartz or amethyst to enhance its properties. When this is done the night before the energy of the crystal charges the water for hours and thus you get a big boost of crystal energy in the morning to carry you throughout the day. Do take care though! Not all gem waters are safe to drink! Be sure to look up its properties before placing it the water. If you cant ingest the stone you wish to work with put your water in a mason jar with a lid on and build a crystal grid or grid of intent using shells, plants, stones etc and allow this to sit overnight, in the morning you can drink water that has been sitting in a crystal grid all night!


Taking a Ritual Shower

I love ritual bathing. It is probably one of my favorite things to do. However, I am purposefully skipping over this since I want to focus on quick and sustainable rituals. You can use a cotton bag and fill it with herbs or even crystals! You can hang this on the top of your shower head so the water flows over it and on to you. You can also use them as a scrub and wash your body with a little bag of ingredients. If you don’t have time to prepare this, that is ok! You can step right into the shower, and allow the water to wash over you, step back and allow the water to pool in your hands then pour it over your head as you say a quick little spell such as “Water wash my cares away, bless me and my work today.”

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Write a Water Prayer

Writing a Prayer, Daily Devotional, Mantra or anything similar that you can recite every morning while in the shower, at your altar or as part of your daily routine. You may wish to say it over your first drink of water in the mornings and again with your final glass of water before bed. Perhaps you will sit before your altar or at the river’s edge to say this prayer or perhaps it is something that you memorize and use over and over again like a mantra as you go throughout your day.

Give Blessed Water as an Offering

Perhaps you wish to give back as part of your daily connection with water. You can offer Blessed or Gem Waters to a house plant or as an offering of lifeforce to a particular spirit ancestor or goddess. Allow your water to sit on your altar and charge it with intention before offering it. If you have a sacred or witches garden you may wish to deposit it there or perhaps you have a rose bush that you harvest petals for ritual often. This would not only enhance the properties of the petals but you will have a wonderful relationship with the plant, the water and yourself. This reciprocal cycle is quick and easy to do but will deep and lasting effects.

Charging Sun Water- Image by Nadia Images


Anoint yourself with Water

Anointing yourself with Water is a simple but powerful ritual. You may wish to prepare a specific type of water to bring the specific energies into your life. If you are focusing on Shadow Work you may wish to work with water created on the new moon. If you are dedicated to a particular type of water goddess you can use water you keep on their altar or perhaps you are lucky enough to use water from their Sacred well! If you are dedicated to a particular type of water such as the ocean, river or sacred well then connecting with their energies each morning by anointing a sacred symbol or the alchemical glyph for water on your third eye, heart center and palms is a great way to start the day and align with water!

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