Bewitching the Waters

Bewitching the Waters September 16, 2023


Announcing Bewitching the Waters Symposium

Something new and watery this way comes!

Water, Witchcraft, Shapeshifting, Spirits, Folkmagic, and underworld currents.

Imagine a symposium about Witchcraft, folk magic, and Water featuring some of the most amazing Witches in the world speaking on Water Witchcraft, Water Magic, Water Folklore, and more!

I know that a decade ago I couldn’t have imagined something like this. Though it was something I had always wanted! I always yearned for a place where water and witchcraft were the focus. A place where there were detailed, in-depth, and advanced workshops, lectures, and content that not only focused on water but brought you deeper and into a closer relationship to the mysteries of water. For a long time, it seemed like, I was the only person who wanted this. But times have changed, and I honestly find it amazing!

We don’t have to imagine any longer! Bewitching the Waters is here! The Water Spirits have always whispered in my ear. They have always urged me to be the one to pave the way for others. I remember how lonely and empty it was and I don’t want that for others! I want there to be places to take deep dives into water, witchcraft, and esoteric practices!

Our first year will take us deep into the mysteries of water through the lens of Witchcraft, folk magic, Shapeshifting, Dream Work, Scrying, Magical Elixirs, Poison Plants, and so much more!

Participants can expect a stellar lineup of bewitching workshops and lectures that focus on water witchcraft from around the world!

It is sometimes strange to look back in time and see how much Water Witchcraft and Water Magic have evolved! I remember more than a decade ago I started saying I was a “Water Witch” and was met with a gaggle of naysayers telling me there was no such thing! I should just stick to Sea Witchery and that the only thing associated with a Water Witch was dowsing. However, I knew deep down in my soul this was not the case, and set out to change the minds of everyone in the world. I did just that. 

I began teaching Water Witchcraft in the Nine-month Water Magic Course and eventually published my first book Water Witchcraft: Magic and Lore from the Celtic Tradition. However, I never really looked to the future at that time. I never took a moment to sit and imagine what a world with Water Witchcraft as a respected and recognized path would really look like. Today hundreds if not thousands of people identify as a Water Witch or some variant, and almost every practitioner incorporates Water or Water Witchcraft into their practice. It is both crazy and amazing to see how the Witchcraft world has changed! 

In fact, things have changed so drastically that I can now host full conferences on esoteric, magical, and occult water topics! It is really exciting to see this come full circle! It has all been worth it to see Water Witchcraft rise to its rightful place next to the rest of the many paths in the world. 

At Bewitching the Waters Symposium you can expect workshops, lectures, and presentations that cover a variety of topics such as

  • Tea Magic
  • Scrying
  • Dream and Water Witchcraft
  • Regional and Cultural Witchcraft and Folklore
  • Dew and Flower Essences
  • Stump Water and Springs
  • Gem Elixirs
  • Creek Magic
  • Cenote Magic
  • River Folklore
  • Currents of the Underworld 
  • Water and the Yoruba
  • Water Nymphs
  • River Goddesses
  • And more!

Keynote speaker Judika Illis will be presenting a lecture on A Hungarian Femme Fatale: A Beautiful but Dangerous Water Spirit. I am really looking forward to this lecture!

I will be speaking about Shapeshifting Sirens and my co-host Laurelei Black will be speaking on Goetic Water Spirits.

That is not all though! You can also expect to take part in a workshop with some of your favorite Witches like Mhara Starling, Madame Pamita, Moss Mathey, Ehloim Lefar, Salicrow, and Nicholas Pearson. There will also be workshops from some of your favorite folklorists such as Cory Thomas Hutcheson, Callieach’s Herbarium, and Sarah Lawless just to name a few! 

Topics cover a wide range of watery presentations from regional waterways to the use of crystals in water, dew magic, flower essences, goetic water spirits, and shapeshifting sirens.

Join us on November 10th, 11th, and 12th to watch the live symposium! If you can’t attend live. Do not worry! Recordings will be available to everyone who purchases a ticket for 6 months after the live event. Visit for more details!

Early Bird pricing is available till October 1st! Get your ticket now!


About Annwyn Avalon
Annwyn Avalon is a Water Priestess and Celtic Witch. She is the Author of The Way of the Water Priestess and Water Witchcraft: Magic and Lore from the Celtic Tradition. She is the founder of Water Priestess Training, The Water Priestess Confluence, Bewitching the Waters Symposium, and Triskele Rose Witchcraft a Avalonian Witchcraft Tradition. She has devoted her life to the study of Esoteric Water Mysteries, art, witchcraft and magic. Her path is one of sacred service to the waters of this world and her ancestors. She is an initiated Witch and Priestess, Reiki Master Teacher, award-winning Dancer, published author and has a BFA in sculpture, BA in Anthropology.. She has also received an apprentice certificate in Herbalism. She writes for the Magical Times Magazine in the UK and has contributed to other published works such as The New Aradia a Witches handbook for resistance, Brigid's Light: Tending the Ancestral Flame of the Beloved Celtic Goddess,This Witch, and Witchology Magazine. She is the author of the Patheos Blog The Water Witch. She now lives in Glastonbury as the sacred steward of Chalice Orchard, the former home of the famous occultist Dion Fortune and is a Keeper at the White Spring. One of the sacred springs located in Glastonbury. You can read more about the author here.
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