Interview with a Water Priestess Beth Katherine

Interview with a Water Priestess Beth Katherine June 15, 2023

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It has been quite a while since I posted an interview in the Interview with a Water Priestess Series. Truth be told, I have a backlog of interviews to publish. Not to mention a backlog of interview requests! So today I am bringing you another installment in this series! This time we are getting to know Beth Katherine and her work with water and water creatures!


Who are you and how do you practice?

My name is Beth Katherine and I’ve been nomadic for the last 2.5 years, after leaving my oceanside home in Canada. I’m in Australia now, and my next 2 stops are New Zealand and French Polynesia!

I believe there are certain souls on this planet who are mer, or of the water in some way. Whether they are a fractal of the consciousness of water itself, elemental water beings, those who are a part of the dolphin tribe, or priestesses who have served water incarnation after incarnation, etc.

I would categorize myself as one of the beings who have been dolphins in other lifetimes (and orcas, which are the largest dolphin species!).

This awakening unfolded slowly in my life, from being a child and remembering that at one time I had a tail and swam through the water, to eventually moving to an oceanside town because the dolphins and whales led me there in my dreams.

What is your path? And how does it relate to Water?

I am an emissary for the dolphins, and also the whales, and I serve the ocean both on a personal level in my daily life, and on a professional level as founder of the Dolphin Rose Temple. I connect with the ocean as an emanation of the Divine Mother, and it’s her I go to often for guidance and cleansing.

I feel very much in the Priestess lineages of Isis and the rose. A priestess who serves the ocean, dolphins, and whales for the liberation of all beings. I call beings such as myself who connect with the Priestess path, and also identify as water beings: the Mermaids of the Rose.

What brought you to this sacred water path?

Many years ago, when I was a girl ~ of maybe about 11 ~ I was in a gift shop. They had one of those machines that could play many different CDs, so you could sample them and see if you wanted to buy one. As I walked around the store, some sounds came on, and I immediately fell into some kind of a mini-trance. I distinctly remember thinking “It’s like they’re calling to me”. When I went to look at what the machine was playing ~ it was orca songs.

The whales and dolphins have always been loud ~ throughout my dreamtime, and sometimes even through my waking life.

Once I finished all of my schooling, near my landlocked hometown, I followed the call of the whales, and they showed me where to move, through my dreams. I ended up spending almost 8 years living in a small coastal town, where I was surrounded by water and whales. It was there that my path of awakening to care for the water began to unfurl.

Do you have a Sacred Body of water you tend?

My favorite body of water so far is the Pacific Ocean, and the ocean in general. Since I’m constantly traveling, I don’t have the opportunity to go back to a favorite spot over and over again, so my water priestess is done wherever I am!

One of my favorite water sites that I’ve been blessed to visit twice, is the Castalian spring, in Delphi, Greece. The spring is a portal, and in my opinion, potentially the most powerful place in all of Delphi, more powerful than where the ancient ruins are built on. This is where pilgrims would come to cleanse themselves before visiting the Oracle of Delphi. When I most recently went to the spring, I offered an offering of local honey and song. It was so magical to be there! I could feel the elementals and nymphs there. It was such an honor to be able to drink that water for 4 days!

Other than that, all water to me is sacred, and I consider it important to activate the drinking water that comes to me. Through structuring the water by vortexing and magnetizing it. Through blessing it, placing it on sacred geometric symbols, and sometimes mixing organic rose petal powder, or charging it with crystals. I truly enjoy activating the water that comes to and through me. I believe as Priestesses we have a duty to care for the water that comes to us. We even activate it as it moves through our bodies, as we pray, and meditate and commune with our Higher Selves. When it leaves as urine it’s actually an upgraded offering to the collective, activated water!

Tell us about the work you do now

I serve through the Dolphin Rose Temple, which has many offerings related to water!

Firstly, I offer a free monthly circle called the Dolphin Healing Collective. We gather to bless the ocean, whales, and dolphins each month. Calls we’ve had in the past have included energetic work in the ocean to release pollution of all kinds (physical, energetic, sound), and working in the quantum to release orcas from captivity.

I also offer a course called Dolphin Consciousness, where we dive deep into water, and the ocean, and work closely with many kinds of whales and dolphins. We work particularly closely with the crystalline light codes in water, which dolphins channel into our DNA easily.

Finally, I’m about to launch an activation called Mermaids of the Rose, in which I’m calling forth souls who are water beings who’ve been initiated in the Mystery Schools of Venus – whether they know this consciously or unconsciously. Together we will transmute Atlantean trauma and restore the sacral chakras of our lineage, which will in turn deeply affect the health of the ocean, as on a soul level, we are her guardians and family.

How do you feel about the current attack on water? Standing Rock? And Pollution in general?

A few years ago, when I sat with Ayahuasca, she showed me that as long as there was water on this earth, there would be hope. She showed me it didn’t matter how polluted a certain waterway was, as long as we prayed over it, it could be healed and purified. All water can be healed and purified. All water is pure in its essence.

I believe when we shift consciousness, we will shift the water. And similarly, when we shift water, we will also shift consciousness.

Therefore, praying into water is of course so sacred to me. It doesn’t have to be a massive ritual. It could take 5 seconds, 5 minutes, or an hour. Praying into the water feels like a massive gift to the water, those who live in the water, and to the collective. One of my favorite prayers lately is to ask Quan Yin to sing Om Mani Padme Hum to the water with my Higher Self, a trillion times, a trillion times, a trillion times, a trillion times if she is so willing! I know that this insane amount of mantras will be easy for my Higher Self and Quan Yin to sing because they operate from an unlimited perspective!

What are some important ways to care for water?

My 2 favorite ways to care for water, which I see many people who love the ocean and water not implemented because they don’t think about it are:

  • Using natural shampoos and dish soaps. This is so important! What we use to clean goes down the drain and into the water cycle. Trusting a label that says ‘natural’ or even ‘organic’ is not enough. Greenwashing is rampant these days. Take a look at the ingredients and do your best to find products that have ingredients you recognize. You can use Google to learn more about each ingredient as well!
  • Choosing organic. Pesticides are one of the absolute worst things for the ocean. If you want to learn more about their devastating effects, just search for “dead zones in the ocean”.
  • Choosing to eat organic is such a gift for the water, the beings who live in the water, and your body! It’s not just about purifying water for our own bodies, it’s about making choices that support the purification of water everywhere! And if you genuinely can’t afford organic, you can bless the produce and ask that all harmful effects of the pesticides be transmuted from the waterways, the earth, and from your body. You can also pray and intend that you’ll be able to afford organic, and ask for help from the angels of abundance and your Higher Self with that!

Any closing thoughts on Water Priestessing?

Be gentle with yourself and give yourself grace. We’re all on different parts of our journey when it comes to Water Priestessing. Whether you’re new to working with water consciously, and your practice is simply blessing your drinking water and that’s where you’re at. Or whether you’re holding circles for the activation, healing, and blessing of water. You’re right where you need to be. This is about being a priestess of water, not a priestess of perfection, as my mentor Eden would say. Celebrate however you’re showing up right now and know that it’s enough!  Your journey will continue to unfold, and your connection to water will grow in divine timing.

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Interview with a Water Priestess Beth Katherine
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