Water Magic

Water Magic January 26, 2017

Water, the element of emotion, healing and transformation runs through our bodies. It is such an important element, but yet it gets overlooked. There are many that practice Sea Magic along the shores, but many forget that there is water everywhere and water magic can be practiced anywhere even if you are not living by a river, lake or ocean.  Water is the giver and taker of life. Like water Fairy and Mermaids water can be beautiful and calm or vengeful and unforgiving. Personally for me, water is the element I work with for healing, movement, and transformation.

Water can be worked with in a variety of ways either physically with sacred vessels, and tools or spiritually by connecting with water spirits and deity. If you are lucky enough to live by a body of water, spring or even waterfall you already have a great source of water to work with. However you are not limited to that. Rain water and snow can be collected, stored and saved. Rain water can be used to wash away negative energy, snow and ice to freeze an enemy, dew can be collected from flowers to bring their essence into your magical work. Water collected or set out on the first day of spring can be used for fertility, growth, and new beginnings. It can also be labeled then stored for the rest of the year. The possibilities are endless!

If you chose to collect water from a sacred place, or holy well be sure to bring offerings. The water spirits love flowers, food and spirits. If there are animals living in or near the water, you can always bring food that would be healthy and suitable for them as well. When I am collecting water I bring a special bottle that has a cork in it. This is what I use to transport it home. Then it is placed in a different vessel, labeled and stored. If the water is drinkable I will use this during ritual drinking down the sacred water after invoking water into my sacred space.

The sacred vessel is one that is most important to water witchery. I have several different ones for different uses. Of course there is the chalice that usually sits on my altar. I also use a cauldron from time to time, but my most sacred vessel is a beautiful blue bowl. Consecrated with the waters of the Chalice well, this blue bowl resonates with the energy of Glastonbury and the folklore of the Glastonbury blue bowl.  This is what I make my floral waters, gem elixirs, and moon waters with.

There is much more to water magic than just sacred vessels and water collection. Scrying bowls, Shells, and driftwood can be used. Hag stones found along a river bank, bones washed upon the shore and even a magical mirror can be used like the clear reflection upon a calm body of water. Of course all of these and so much more can be added to a water alter or sacred space. Though there is so much to water magic that can be brought into one’s own personal practice, but one of my favorites and one that can be practiced by everyone is the blending of different objects in the water to make healing elixirs and potions.


Healing Water Recipe

Water holds the essence of whatever is places into it. It can then be drank (if safe) added to a sacred bath, or even used to anoint talisman, amulets, and spirit bags. Below is a simple healing recipe. Enjoy!

In your sacred vessel combine

  • spring water
  • white rose petals
  • fresh yarrow
  • clear quartz
  • blue calcite

Set out under the full moon strain in the morning. The water infused with the flowers and crystals under the light of the full moon now becomes a healing potion!

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