PantheaCon 2017

PantheaCon 2017 March 1, 2017

PantheaCon 2017

I missed blogging last week because I was recovering from PantheaCon 2017. Really long events usually take a lot of energy out of me. You probably don’t know this, but I am a spoonie. I  am just really good at hiding it and I ration my spoons like a champ when these types of events come around. Which is why you don’t see me at most of the late night parties. (Though I do swim in from time to time 😉 ) I have attended the last 4 PantheaCons and they have all be wonderful and packed with so many amazing classes, rituals and experiences. Each year there are a variety of different offerings and they vary year from year. This year was particularly special because it was my first year presenting!

Photo by Annwyn Avalon- Sticker art by Tempest
Photo by Annwyn Avalon- Sticker art by Tempest

I arrived on Thursday and was very thankful for the extra day so that I could rest up before the energy packed weekend. Friday I spend most of my time in the vendor room. I decided that I would do all shopping at once and then focus on the classes and rituals. It was wonderful to walk around the room and see old friends and make new ones. There are so many booths filled with goods for every path. I got to browse the beautiful art, jewelry, clothing and books. I visited a favorite vendor Rosarium Blends and got several books as well as their dragon’s blood paper that I had been coveting since last year. I ended up with an ammonite, and a beautiful chalice with a two tailed mermaid on it from other shops as well. I stopped by Tempest’s booth first thing to pick up her sigil t-shirt and her #wearearadia stickers.

Saturday morning I taught my class. It was on working with Water Spirits. It was a packed house and I heard from several people that they got turned away because we were at capacity. I am genuinely excited to see that there are so many people that want to and already work with water spirits. The connections I made with people are wonderful too. I get to hear their stories and how they connect with the ocean, fresh water bodies, local sacred sites and what water spirits they are working with. I chatted about working with water as an entity, and several water spirits such as a variety of Water Horses, Melusine, Sulis, and other Merfolk. We talked about tools to work with water spirits based on their folklore as well as their nature to be associated with both healing and cursing. I ended by talking about working with local water spirits, seeking a location to honor them and offering types. We talked about being ethical in our workings and offerings by cleaning our shores and being very mindful we don’t put chemicals in our precious ocean.

I attended several other classes that day and attended the Black Rose ritual that night. It was really wonderful! We danced around the fire to meet with the Magister. I let loose and danced in a rhythmic step really enjoying the rite. That is one of the things I love so much about Pantheacon. There are so many paths and groups involved that there really is something for everyone. Rituals range in ecstatic rites like the Black Rose ritual to formal ceremonial rites, there are also several oracular rituals performed by various groups.

water spirits class

Sunday was packed with classes. There were so many I won’t be writing about them all here. I do want to mention the class on the White Well. The White Well is a sacred well that runs parallel to the Chalice Well. It comes forth from the base of the Glastonbury Tor and runs down to the old well house which has been converted into a candle lit temple with water running over the floors and shrines in every corner. The class was put on by the caretakers of the White Well Lisa and Max Goodwin, who lead us through several vision journeys walking the landscape. They also taught about the history of the well, how they came to care for it, and some of the problems, spirit interactions, and magical events that took place over the years there. Tears leaked out of my eyes through every vision journey. Visiting the White Well In 2012 was a life changing experience for me and my entire path has revolved around Avalon and its corresponding landscape before and after the visit. However it was after the visit that I really started taking my work seriously and dove deep into it. Glastonbury pulls on my heart strings and calls me home. I also attended two classed by Morgan Daimler, who is hilarious! I adored her classes and wide knowledge base on folklore and faery folk.

Monday was the last day but I was able to attend two really wonderful classes. I attended Seeking the Gods of Brittan with Jhenah Telyndru who always has such wonderful information. She taught about the Welsh Gods and how to bridge the gap between historical text and the Welsh and Celtic pagan path. I was able to spend a little bit of time in the Sisterhood of Avalon Suit which she is the founder of and like always I received a warm welcome. The last class I attended was by Orion Foxwood he gave a wonderful lecture on Grace. I had never attended a class with Orion before, but had heard great things. His class was wonderful and I walked away with several chants and many things to ponder. I will attend his classes in the future for sure! All in all this was a wonderful year and I fully intend on attending next year. It was wonderful to see everyone, new and old friends and I look forward to seeing those that I missed this year, next.

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