I am working with Blue Lace Agate

I am working with Blue Lace Agate February 15, 2017

Why Blue Lace Agate is the most powerful Gem Elixir I am working with right now…

I wanted to share with you a very powerful Gem Elixir that I am working with. To give just a basic overview, Gem Elixirs are when you combine water and the power of gem stones together to create a potent elixir. By adding the gem to the water, the water absorbs the energy of the crystal and then in turn, amplifies it. Gem elixirs can be enhanced by working with the planetary times, moon cycles or tides. Depending on your path, intent, and ultimate goals.

blue lace agate
Photo by Annwyn

Blue Lace Agate is a safe stone to work with when making gem elixirs; it is a pale or light blue color and  often has white or very light blue stripes running through it. It is considered a stone of healing, can be associated with water and also air. It is strongly associated with the throat chakra, not just for the color association, but because of its cooling and calming properties that help to activate and heal the throat chakra when it is unbalanced. It is a stone that can bring peace of mind and so it is wonderful to work with during times of anxiety and depression. Though it is important to note that it provides aid during these times, it does not provide a cure. It helps with verbal expression and thought and can help ease and dissolve mental stress. It is considered a powerful throat healer and can bring deep peace.

Being a water sign and not having much Air in my chart or life, I often find myself with a throat chakra or air imbalances. Water and air don’t usually mix well (at least not for me) mostly because Water and Air together often make a storm. This gem elixir often heals and soothes that storm and helps me to produce works of writing and helps ease my mind and soul. It is for these reasons that right now it’s the most powerful stone and gem elixir I am working with.

It is important to note that not all stones are suited to be dropped into water and then ingested. You can find a complete list of toxic stones at this website here.


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