Water Witch Blessing and Healing Ritual- World Wide

Water Witch Blessing and Healing Ritual- World Wide March 14, 2017

There is no doubt that water has become polluted, endangered and in danger of being destroyed in recent times. Our water ways are polluted with plastic, oil, and chemicals faster than we can clean them. With the recent political climate and news of Standing Rock, it is vital now more than ever that we fight for our water in the physical and spiritual realms. All over the world Witches are gathering to bless, heal and protect our water ways.

The World-Wide Water Witch Water Blessing Rituals take place on the cross quarter days which are on the Spring and Fall Equinox and Summer and Winter Solstice. Witches and other magical practitioners gather on the same day at their local water source to bless the waters, heal them and protect them. Many magical folk that are drawn to water and working with it in a magical or sacred manner have been pulled to do this type of work. Water spirits dwell within our precious waterways and their homes need to be healed, cleaned and protected.

Photo taken by Annwyn
Photo taken by Annwyn

Some practitioners gather together at their local lake or water ways, others work magic in these locations year around and pay special attention to these days and are sure to perform special rituals. While doing work at home is a wonderful way to get involved, we need practitioners at the shores of our rivers, lakes and oceans. We need to do the physical work of cleaning our shores, and in conjunction the magical work of healing her, protecting her and making all water sacred and blessed.

There is no prescribed script for these rituals, though below I offer some suggestions.  These rituals are about working with individual bodies of water, at their physical location (if possible) to add healing and protecting energy to them. I encourage you to focus on your path and strengths and to use that magic and system to work spells and magic for the benefit of the water. It doesn’t matter if you work conjure, spells, energy work, prayers or ceremonial magic; the water needs us and it needs our magic.

Photo by Annwyn
Photo by Annwyn

Many practitioners choose to visit the shores and clean the litter and debris as part of their offerings; others choose to sing, or lay their hands in the water and send reiki energy to it. Others choose to focus on calling on plant spirits to aid them in their work and still others call on great sea God/ess’s and spirits. They do this by working with the local plants and trees that grow along the shores of their sacred water source. If you choose to give offerings be sure that they are not treated with any harsh chemicals; there is no benefit to the water by placing toxic items in the water.

If you decide to use fruit or flower offerings, choose them from local sources that are organic and are grown without dyes and pesticides. There is nothing worse than performing a healing ritual for water only to place flowers that were grown in a hot box, with chemicals, and were later dyed to make the consumer like them better. This is completely counterintuitive to our work. I suggest growing flowers yourself, where you can control the chemicals and environment around them. If that is not possible, look for organic fruits and veggies that can be safely given to the wildlife.

If these don’t work for you either, finding a natural quartz stone that has been ethically mine and then been charged with Reiki or other energy would be a great offering as well. Drawing sigils in the sand and mud around the water source is a great way to work the magic as well. However, the best offering we can give is ourselves, our time, our energy, our physical selves cleaning the shores, and our energetic selves to do the work on the astral realm. These are vital to our work, and are the very best offerings to give to the water.


Photo taken by Annwyn
Photo taken by Annwyn

Magic, Reiki, Energy Work, Spells, Prayers and Petitions are very helpful, but the water needs us in the mundane world as well. Consider joining a local water/beach/lake/river clean up. Get involved with cleaning oil out of the waters, join online activism, join in person activism, sign petitions, and send funds to these causes. GET INVLOVED!! The water needs us to be ACTIVELY fighting for and healing it.
If you are going to give offerings please check out these links here and here. If possible, when using fruit and flower offerings choose from local sources, those that are organic and grown without pesticides and never ever put plastic in our water sources!

Even if you can simply send energy and pray on this day please consider sending healing prayers to our water. Feel free to use the below prayer if you feel lead.



A Prayer for Water Blessing Ritual

All the water that flows through my veins is sacred and holy
All of this land beneath my feet is sacred and holy…

Oh sacred heart
And oh sacred soul
Waters that flow through me
and make me whole
I bless this body
I bless where I stand
and all of these blessings
Flow forth from my hands
I call for the spirits to lend me their aid
Together we heal these waters that flow through the polluted land
Blessings sweet waters, flow forth and flow clean
And thanks be to the powers that are unseen…
Many blessings are poured out upon this water
May you be clean, healthy and holy…

Please join us for the World Wide Water Witch Water Blessing Ritual. You can access the event page here.


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