A Sand Dollar Spell for Prosperity

A Sand Dollar Spell for Prosperity January 30, 2018

I adore working magic on the sea shore. I have had the pleasure of being able to practice on the sacred shores of Okinawa Japan, in the mysterious ancient energy of the Chesapeake bay, the calming serene energy of the Atlantic ocean, and  all the way across to the cold Pacific! This is a pretty simple spell but it can be quite powerful, especially for someone deeply connected to the salty waters.

Sand Dollars vary in different shapes, sizes, forms and design. Some being delicate and puffy others thin but small and some are in the classic circular shape. One thing they all have in common is the 5 pointed star! Which makes a perfect altar for the modern sea witch! This is a wonderful place to bring the energies of the sea together with the classic pentagram of witchcraft on the center of the water or sea witch altar, strongly imbuing the energies practiced there with Witchcraft of the ocean.


Every Witch needs a little prosperity in their life! If things are financially well for you at the moment perhaps focusing on magical prosperity or prosperity in your garden, work or home. If you are financially strapped this is the perfect spell to give you a bit of a boost and to bring prosperity into your life.

A Sand Dollar Spell for Prosperity

You will need

  • A Sand Dollar
  • Paper and Pencils
  • Paint and Paint brush (or one of those Paint Pens)
  • Holy Water or Ocean Water

First spend time thinking about prosperity. Think about what it means to you and visualize what prosperity looks like to you. Hold that image in your mind and begin to twirl it around letting the images form simply until you have basic shapes and symbols. Let your mind wander until you have formed a shape, symbol or sigil that represents prosperity for you. If you are stuck the symbol for money in your country would be appropriate ($ or £ )

After you have the symbol and energy you want to use, immediately sketch this onto the paper or in your journal. Then grab your favorite marker or paint and copy the symbol as best as you can onto the back of the sand dollar (the side with the little hole not the one with the star)

Once the paint or marker is dry take it to your ritual space and sprinkle a little ocean or holy water on the charm bringing the powers of the water and sacred intent to the charm.

sanddollar magic

When the Sand Dollar’s is dry, prepare your space as you usually would and put yourself into an altered or meditative state. Hold the sand dollar, breathe life into it and visualize the symbol glowing and becoming one with the Sand Dollar. Be sure your intent for prosperity is clear here!

When this is finished place it face up on your working space or altar and with your wand, ritual knife or finger trace the pentagram over it 7 times. Ask your guides and the powers of the sea for help in achieving prosperity and place the charm upon the altar until it needs to be charged again! In which case repeat the process.

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