One Suggestion for Something New This Christmas

One Suggestion for Something New This Christmas December 19, 2016


Tabernacle2One of my students recounted a story that (I am told) is widely known in Roman Catholic circles.

So the story goes: A little girl was sitting with her mother in church and asked,

“Mommy, where is Jesus?”

Deeply formed by her faith and her experience of the church, the little girl’s mother pointed to the tabernacle where the reserve sacrament is kept.

The little girl was silent for a moment and then declared,

“When I grow up I’m going to buy him a bigger box.”

This Christmas, consider getting something that costs you nothing, but may make all the difference.

Get a bigger box for Jesus.

Only you know what that might mean in your own life.

  • It may involve risking your own comfort to care for someone who cannot claim or demand your attention.
  • It may involve asking for forgiveness.
  • It may involve forgiving someone.
  • It may involve enlarging your heart and relationships. All too often our faith can become a benediction on the secure, controllable friendships and allegiances that have shaped our lives for years.
  • It might require striking out in a new direction to do something that your heart has been telling you is important.
  • It may involve releasing anger or fears that have distorted your approach to life and robbed you of joy.
  • It may involve working on behalf of those who are neglected, abused, or who live at the fringe’s our community’s care and concern.

It may involve something I haven’t listed. Most of our conversations with God about places where our hearts and lives can be enlarged do not fit into easy categories.

This much is certain: If we are honest with ourselves and confident in God’s love for us, there is always more to give and receive.

Advent’s blessings and a peace-filled Christmas celebration.





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