AWMTPpodcast: Interview – Love Is A Seed

AWMTPpodcast: Interview – Love Is A Seed December 3, 2016




Amanda and Harley Mathews are the creative geniuses behind what has now become one the MUST HAVES handmade jewellery lines in the Southwest region of the United States. In this interview I ask Amanda about the humble beginnings of Love Is A Seed and how it went from creating “Alt Christian” jewelry to creating an interfaith phenomenon. Listen to Amanda tell how Harley and herself see their making of jewelry, no matter what faith narrative they are making the piece for as prayers of love to the person who will eventually receive the incredible-one-of-kind Love Is A Seed piece. Be sure to shop Love Is A Seed  on Etsy (20% off Promo Code: Whiskey), as well checkout their new pieces on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Thanks for listening to AWTPpodcast!

This groundbreaking podcast is the brainchild of the Whiskey Preacher, Phil Shepherd and his producer Josh Mitchell to couple with Phil's up and coming first solo book project. It simply asks the question: Are We Missing the Point? The point of what some may ask? The point of life...Phil and Josh explore what it means too not only love others, but begs the question of how do we love others (different faith beliefs, different colors, different sexual orientation, and anything else that maybe different than ourselves) in relation to how we love ourselves. Be sure to checkout the latest from Are We Missing The Point? Podcast by following us here, on Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget to find us on SoundCloud and iTunes!



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