Choose Life or Choose Republicans. You Can’t Have Both.

Choose Life or Choose Republicans. You Can’t Have Both. November 5, 2018
“Vote!” (c) 2015 Paul Sableman via Flickr

This Tuesday, you cannot vote for Republicans AND vote “for Life.”

Republican policies and rhetoric and appointments actively and expressly and deliberately harm and endanger and dehumanize

Black lives
and Indigenous lives
and Immigrant lives
and Refugee lives
and Muslim lives
and Jewish lives
and LGBTQIA+ lives
and Women’s lives
and Student’s Lives
and Elderly lives
and Disabled lives
and Children’s lives
and Inmates’ lives
and Assault survivors’ lives
and Poor peoples’ lives
and Sick peoples’ lives
and Foreigners’ lives
and The Earth’s life.

Even Republican policies and rhetoric and appointments that supposedly “protect” unborn lives don’t actually protect unborn lives because they don’t protect or preserve the lives of the mothers carrying the unborn, and, as noted above, they have exactly zero F’s to give for the unborn minus the “un.”

So I just think we should all be absolutely crystal clear here:

You cannot vote for Republicans and vote for Life.

You have to choose one.

Choose Life already.

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  • TinnyWhistler

    Not to mention that the Republicans are trying to cut healthcare programs that make it easier for women to access prenatal care!

  • clanhamilton

    Why don’t they advocate for birth control?
    BEST way to stop abortions isn’t shaming people about sex.
    It is promoting birth control.

  • amycourts

    Indeed. Study after study after study proves that whenever women have free or affordable access to birth control, abortion rates plummet.

    Republicans lie about that fact, and they lie about what birth control does, saying it causes miscarriages or is itself a form of abortion, which is just plain false.

    And when babies ARE born, Republicans stop caring about them. Instead, they pivot to bootstraps nonsense and “personal responsibility” rhetoric and shaming.

    Because the bottom line is simple: It’s not about unborn babies, it’s not about murder, it’s not about babies deserving life.

    It’s about control. Specifically, controlling women’s bodies.

    If it WERE about saving babies — born and unborn — Republicans would champion and fund public safety nets like single payer healthcare, affordable and attainable housing, universal basic income or at least a livable minimum wage for working parents, subsidized or free early childcare and early education, public schooling, parents’ access to healthy foods, etc.

    But they don’t.

  • amycourts


    They want to cut healthcare — not fund it — as well as public funding for EBT and WIC, public education, transportation and affordable housing, and they flatly reject any notion of livable wages for all workers.

  • Trilemma

    Most of my friends vote Republican and I know they want what’s best for all those people on that list. The best way to take care of those people is to spend more time working together and less time hating and fighting.

  • amycourts

    So, I agree — knowing, as I do, a great many conservatives — that championing small government, fiscal responsibility, etc etc — do indeed mean well and that we just disagree on how best to serve and help and empower the marginalized. There are months and months of conversations to have with them about all of that, which I’m willing to have.

    And almost all of those genuine conservatives whose hearts are ent toward compassion have rightly abandoned the Republican Party in solidarity with the long list of people we mutually love.

    Modern Republicanism is monstrous, and has been shown in post-2016 Study after study to be directly and causally linked to and rooted in white supremacy and racial resentment.

    Which is why I stand by this post — you cannot vote or be Republican and also claim to be for Life.

  • John

    So, we all have a number one enemy – anyone of the other political party. The enemy is a person, a man or woman of differing beliefs. Victory is to impose one set of beliefs on others, and that in the name of God. Too much is a stake. We must win.

    What have we missed? This is madness. We have all conflated politics with Christian theology. Is this how we interpret the Bible? Until we step back and regain perspective, the animosity will increase. It will get worse.

    Is there any hope to be a unique people of peace in a world gone mad, or do we pick a side and hurl insults and ultimatums? Your title and premise is disengineuos and presents a false dichotomy. But it is what desperate people do. Just desperate for what?

  • amycourts

    No, enemies aren’t other people, nor are enemies limited to “the other political party,” nor is it about “differing beliefs.” I grant that, at least according to one party, “victory is to impose one set of beliefs on others, and that in the name of God.” Those are the Republicans. In this case, much IS at stake.

    What’s at stake are actual human lives whose freedoms and liberties and lives have been challenged, stolen, erased, or snuffed out as a direct result of Republican policies.

    Christian theology is to love God and your neighbor as yourself — everything else, at least according to Jesus, hangs on this. And “Loving your neighbor as yourself” is defined, again – by Jesus Himself – as feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, welcoming the foreigner, visiting the prisoner, and championing the oppressed.

    At every single turn, Republicans have waged a direct assault on the hungry, naked, foreiners, refugees, prisoners, and oppressed. Every turn.

    So at this point, YES, the dichotomy is accurate.

    Your point may be that there can be civil and healthy disagreement with *conservatives* (as I noted in response to Trilemma earlier).

    But there can be no civil or reasonable discussion with Republicans, because they have, as a rule, discounted and unraveled the humanity of millions and millions of people.

    We can discuss policy disagreements.

    I will not entertain any discussion with someone who’s declared — either with their vote or as a representative — that other people matter less or not at all.

  • amycourts

    And to your point of what I’m desperate for?

    Equity and justice.

    My burning question for you is why AREN’T you desperate for equity and justice?

  • Trilemma

    Many of them, such as those who are Catholic, believe contraception is a serious sin.

  • John

    Did I say something that makes you think I am not for equity and justice?

  • John

    I hear what you say, but my point stands. You have declared every Republican as un-Christian and as being for vile things. Republicans say the same things about Democrats. Both sides claim moral authority. The polarization continues. When each side de-humanizes the other, how will it all end? Can there be peace between people of differing beliefs? From what I read in your response, that answer is no. The other side is so far wrong that they are actually evil oppressors. You seem justified in writing off the other side because you say there can be no reasonable discussion with them. Both side are equally guilty of this, and that is my point. Each side talks past the other. I hope you can at least recognize that both sides are equal in that aspect. So here we are. Now what? The issues of fairness and justice that you raise are important, but so is how we address them. We probably agree on the change of civility from our government and we both place much blame at Trump and the Republicans, but the other side has met this with their own in-civility. So, since there is not more conversation with the other side, we just pursue victory at all cost. Except I fear there is a cost, just one were not seeing now. Both sides have spiraled so far down that hole so far that I fear for how we will recover.

  • amycourts

    So again, on one hand, yes, Republicans and Democrats can accuse each other of the same things and on occasion both be right, both be guilty.

    In this case? Nah. We’re reasonable humans, right? We know that even if the Nazis “said the same things” about the Allies as the Allies said about Nazis, or if the Nazis accused the Allies of the same human rights violations that Allies witnessed Nazis commit, Nazis were lying.

    To equate the condemnation of white supremacy and white nationalism with white supremacy and nationalism themselves is a disingenuous false equivalence. Republicans can say all they want that the Left is doing the same thing, but the facts demonstrate otherwise.

    Yes, both sides talk past each other. I’m not sure why that should matter to me. There’s no conversation to be had with people who believe Black and queer and female and refugee and Immigrant and Jewish bodies and lives don’t matter and don’t deserve protections. It’s a non-starter.

    We may not recover from the current madness. But it’s foolish and, again, disingenuous to go the Trump route of saying “there’s good and bad on both sides.” To do so minimizes true and real CRIMES committed against human beings. So let it burn, #ToAshes, and we can start again.

  • That is because it is the evil that leads directly to other forms of abortion like eugenics and human sacrifice in the womb.

  • So your argument is that you would not need to kill if people were never alive to be killed?

    This satanic nonsense is the same evil as abortion and feeds into it.

  • So your argument is they want less government control.

  • Plummet how? Injecting yourself with absurd levels of hormones will not stop God from giving you a child. you will then view your own child as a “mistake” and sacrifice them to the devil for power.

    So your argument is that people have no responsibility for themselves, no free will, and that absolute government control is the basic definition of “life.”

    That absolute control is the same excuse you use to sacrifice your children to the devil because you claim they are slaves of yours. That is why you use the term “body” (an old liberal/marxist term for slaves) to refer to your children. It is also the excuse your government uses to sacrifice you to the devil en masse.

    So if children are to be executed for fun by slavers, why not the government do it to you?

  • Trilemma

    I agree there’s a lot of disagreement on how best to serve and help and empower the marginalized. I agree there’s a lot of conversation that needs to happen that isn’t. I see in conservative Christianity a desire to go back to a time of white male Christian privilege. But many of the things people who are Democrats want to do also harm people’s lives. So, it’s also true that you cannot vote for Democrats and vote for life. You have to choose one. So, who do you vote for?

  • John

    Wow. Just . . . . wow. Sorry my appeal to being a peacemaker fell on deaf ears. Best wishes on burning it down.