The New Dog

The New Dog June 16, 2008

After some months of rolling around with the issue, we decided that although this wasn’t the ideal time, the ideal time would very likely not arrive … so we picked up Bodhi, 9 week old black Lab, last night. We’d intended to get another of T’s sister’s puppy posse (Bodhi is one of nine puppies) but Bodhi came to me right away and when I picked him up it was love at first hug.

Bodhi’s full name for “pure” breed registration is Hey-hey Dog-en Bodhi Zenji. We might throw a “Sama” in at the end too for good measure. The kids are on vacation with their mother for a few more days so they and Bodhi have a big surprise coming.

And maybe Bodhi will be sleeping through the night by then. Last night G was up with Bodhi at least twice for long periods. I got up once in the middle and took him out to pee. About 30 minutes later when he cried and yelped again I tried the tough love approach, sternly and with all the alpha I could muster, calling, “Quiet!” And he stopped immediately … for about 30 seconds.

"Ah, whoops! and thank you. That's been fixed."

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