The New Dosho Port Patreon Page

The New Dosho Port Patreon Page January 31, 2022

What’s going on here?

I’ve started a Dosho Port Patreon page and you are very much welcome to join me there as a patron. I’ve already loaded a handful audio and video recordings of recent talks, in addition to a couple blog posts. See below for a detail list of what’s there now. I plan to share some photos of my Minnesota life there too as well as regular updates about my activities.

I will be continuing to post here on Patheos – my less controversial work – with no paywall. For example, coming very soon here at Wild Fox Zen blog is another translation by Kōkyō Henkel, this one of the portion of The Record of Rujing that is attributed to Dōgen. Importantly, it includes Dōgen’s enlightenment story – the only place we know that he’d shared it in all his voluminous writing.

You can be sure to know when that is posted, as well as other upcoming essays, by subscribing to Wild Fox Zen blog in the right sidebar.

As you know, here at Patheos you will see advertisements (unless you pay a little something to Patheos) and Patheos will earn from my creative endeavors either from you or advertisers. No problem. Please support them.

By becoming a subscriber to my Patreon page, you contribute directly to me. You can check it out here: click.

What will you find at the Dosho Port Patreon Page?

I ‘ve been working on a series of essays about the great teachers in our One Zen School tradition before and after Dōgen as a way of broadening the conversation about the heart of our Zen way. The series started with a couple posts here on Wild Fox Zen blog – The Luminous Koun Ejō Zenji: Background, Awakening, Legacy and a translation by Kōkyō Henkel of Keizan’s “Answers to Ten Questions from the Emperor.”

Most recently I’ve written “Punning, Toileting, Purifying: the Awakening of Rújìng” – available now on the Dosho Port Patreon page. Coming soon is a post on Rujing’s compassion practice and a central kōan in Rujing’s teaching.

And given the recent death of one of the most important teachers of our lifetimes, Thich Nhat Hanh, I’ve written “Don’t Build Me a Stupa: The Legacy of Thich Nhat Hanh.” Spoiler alert: I’m not interested in glorifying the man. And speaking of throw snowballs at icons, I’ve also recently drafted “Suzuki Roshi on Sōtō, Rinzai and Householder Practice.” That will also be posted at Patreon soon.

Also now on Patreon, you’ll find these talks:

  1. Fine Snowflakes, They Don’t Fall Anywhere Else
  2. Zazen is Dropping Body and Mind
  3. All Buddhas Come From This Sutra

My commitment is to offer at least one troubling essay and one audio talk a month. Usually it’ll be more than that.

Given some of the reactions that my more controversial posts have generated, like the most recent one about Koun Ejō, it was time for me to either move to Patreon or start posting Trigger Warnings. I’ve opted for the former.

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