Sean Gladding via IVP and The Work of the People

Sean Gladding via IVP and The Work of the People March 23, 2012

Not long ago, Wild Goose partners Intervarsity Press and The Work of the People collaborated to create video highlighting the ideas of Wild Goose speaker, Sean Gladding.

Originally hailing from Norwich, England, Sean is the author of The Story of God, Story of Us, which invites the reader on Sean’s journey in getting lost and found in the Bible. The book in was brought to life in a Bible study Sean led during a summer internship at Mercy Street, a church in Houston, Texas, for people in recovery from addiction and bad church experiences. Sean and his wife, Rebecca, began narrating “the Story of God” for these marginalized people and their hope-filled telling was enthusiastically passed around faith and non-faith circles alike before being captured in this book.

If you didn’t get to interact with Sean at last year’s festival or you just want to revisit some of his content, you can find more videos highlighting his work here.

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