Unleash the Hounds! (Link Roundup)

Unleash the Hounds! (Link Roundup) February 5, 2012

There are lots of articles and essays of interest to modern Pagans out there, sometimes more than I can write about in-depth in any given week. So The Wild Hunt must unleash the hounds in order to round them all up.

That’s it for now! Feel free to discuss any of these links in the comments, some of these I may expand into longer posts as needed.

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13 responses to “Unleash the Hounds! (Link Roundup)”

  1. “I used to be a good running friend with somebody who doesn’t live far from here. I mentioned on one occasion that I was an atheist and I’ve never seen him again … I came here knowing this was the Bible Belt, but I didn’t realize it was a more like a totalitarian Christian society: you’re either one of them or you’re not and there’s no in between. So I’ve learnt this lesson, to keep it to myself as much as possible.”

    Keeping it to yourself does nothing. It makes YOU feel out of sorts and it creates an air for everyone else that, unrealistically, everyone is just like they are…

    I would say the solution to this problem is, instead of the above mindset, learn to live with no, or fewer, friends until you actually meet some like-minded, or open-minded friends. Hell, start a support group if you have to, but don’t just “keep it to yourself as much as possible.” Then they have defeated you before they have even raised a fist.

  2. I’ve always told my children that people who stop being your friend because you’re Pagan (or because you’re gay, or because you don’t look just like them, etc.) were never your friend to begin with.

  3. I would have to agree. I would rather be a solitary hermit, living with my wife and some animals, then have a bunch of “friends” that just vaguely talked things with me and we never mentioned religion, politics, or any other hot-button issues. Down with casual bores! Up with true friends and honest people.

  4. “I used to be a good running friend with somebody who doesn’t live far from here. I mentioned on one occasion that I was an atheist and I’ve never seen him again …”
    I was on the opposite end…one of my closest, best friends came into atheism and decided she couldn’t be friends with me because I was Pagan (I am openly Pagan and she knew this, we talked about it often.). These experiences are not exclusive.
    Like Jason said, many of the them sounded very familiar….

  5. It depends partially on who the witch in the bikini is! Most witches, yes. Ray Buckland……maybe not! 🙂

  6. Yes! Witches in Bikinis! I’ve attended their shows in the past and they are lots of fun! Check them out when you get the chance.

  7. One of my friends follows Thor. Another friend follows Brigid. Another is Atheist/Agnostic. I had a good friend back home for years, we used to ride dirt bikes together, then he became a devout evangelical Christian, and now we rarely talk anymore, sad, but it is what it is. At least he doesn’t preach at me anymore, he seems to have given up on trying to convert me. (lol) Most of the folks I work with rarely discuss religion. I pray to Ancestors, I pray to Crazy Horse, sometimes to Sitting Bull, sometimes I pray to Mother Earth, sometimes I pray to the Dead, sometimes to the Living… I follow my own path.

  8. I believe there is a Conciousness which permeates all things, rocks, trees, lizzards, birds, insects, fish, four leggeds, two leggeds…
    Some call it The All That Is, some call it The Universal Mind, some call it The Universe itself. I choose to call it The Great Mystery. I think it is this Conciousness, this Oneness, that Momotheists are praying to and trying to tap into when they use the word “God”, although I personally believe there are many Gods. It is all a matter of perspective, and one’s own personal perception. I own my own, as do you, as does my feline brother, my canine brother, etc. The Mountain has witnessed many events over the course of time in the material state of being. Mother Earth has witnessed much more. Human time is but a flash of an instant in comparison to Stone time. Those who hate do so out of ignorance, they truly know nought, and while this does in no way excuse their behavior, it does provide some explanation. I make the concious choice, of my own volition, to not hate anyone today. Pow.

  9. One thing that I’ve come to understand those Christians who shun atheists and Pagans, and those that freaked out at the Buncombe County School Board meeting and all the other those of us who live in the “Bible Belt” is that they are very afraid of their god and feel deeply (I don’t think this even amounts to a belief) that if they don’t constantly praise him floridly and distance themselves from those who don’t, something bad will happen. God, to them, is like their alcoholic stepfather who might explode with rage and go for his belt if he overheard you saying anything he called “disrespectful,” and who, but he, knows what’s disrespectful? And God is always lurking around the corner, listening in.

  10. Rev. Hectuba Hestia, HPS (one of the them) of the Wiccan Family Temple. Our Elder and Founder is Rev. Starr Ravenhawk, HPS. I personaly would like to thank Jason for mentioning our upcoming Witchsfest USA on July 8, 2012. Jason, if you are intestesed in findind our more information, I can forward some information to you. Please reach me at hectuba@aol.com. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.