Unleash the Hounds! (Link Roundup)

Unleash the Hounds! (Link Roundup) March 18, 2012

There are lots of articles and essays of interest to modern Pagans out there, sometimes more than I can write about in-depth in any given week. So The Wild Hunt must unleash the hounds in order to round them all up.

That’s it for now! Feel free to discuss any of these links in the comments, some of them I may expand into longer posts as needed.

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4 responses to “Unleash the Hounds! (Link Roundup)”

  1. I’m not sure I’d refer to Page’s “Lucifer Rising” soundtrack as “unfinished.”  Page actually attached at least one version of his soundtrack to an early cut of the film.  That cut was seen by several people, and has been mentioned by numerous Page/Zep biographers.  Do I know way too much about Led Zeppelin?  Yes.    

  2. I challenge Tully or Ben or anyone else to substantiate the claim that modern Pagans hold certain beliefs that are “based on” “old scholarship”, and that these beliefs have been disproved by more recent scholarship.

    For his part, in both Witchcraft Today and The Meaning of Witchcraft, Gerald Gardner cites a variety of sources, but he is consistently cautious when it comes to making any historical claims. At least as far as Gardner is concerned, there is no basis whatsoever for the assertion that Wicca “appeared as a movement with a very specific historical claim”, as Hutton claimed in Triumph of the Moon, for Gardner never made any such “specific historical claim”.

    Ronald Hutton himself years ago conceded that modern Paganism is in fact closely related to forms of Pagan religion that existed over 18 centuries ago. Therefore, at least according to Hutton, modern Pagans who see our religious traditions as a continuation of “The Old Religion” are not simply clinging to cherished beliefs and “old scholarship”.

  3. Tomorrow/Wednesday, it is Norouz/Newroz, the old Iranian New Year
    festival, celebrating spring – and especially in Kurdistan also freedom,

    according to legends, the smith Kawa lead an army of insurgents against
    the tyrant Zahak of Niniveh in 612 BCE – the Turkish state has banned
    Newroz celebrations in Istanbul and Diyarbakir

    Biji Newroz! Newroz Piroz Be!