Ardantane’s Fundraiser and other Quick Pagan News Notes

Ardantane’s Fundraiser and other Quick Pagan News Notes May 20, 2012

Just a few quick news notes for you on this Sunday.

Ardantane Needs Infrastructure: Ardantane, a Pagan learning center in the Jemez Mountains (that’s in New Mexico), is holding a fundraiser through IndieGoGo to help build a free-standing eco-friendly handicapped-accessible restroom/shower.


“One rather glaring problem with our facilities is – a lack of restrooms. We have one small toilet in the staff residence, but it’s not handicapped-accessible. Thus we created the HARRE Potty Project: “HARRE” stands for Handicapped-Accessible RestRoom, Eco-friendly. We figure it will cost about $15-16,000 to build a fairly spacious, free-standing restroom with two toilets, two sinks and a shower, and tie it into our water treatment system (which goes to a drip irrigation system to water our “Oasis”). We have eight or nine thousand raised, but will need about $7,000 more to get the project done. You can help!”

It’s a flexible-funding campaign, so all donations made will go towards the project. There are 28 days left in the fundraiser, and a number of perks available to those who donate.

  • Dan Halloran Undergoing Brain Surgery: New York City Councilman, congressional candidate, and Theodish Heathen Dan Halloran is undergoing brain surgery to remove a benign tumor. Quote: “On Wednesday, I will undergo a neurosurgical procedure to remove a benign tumor.  It’s a lengthy operation that will require me to remain in the hospital for the rest of the week.  Then, after all goes well, I’ll return home to rest and recuperate.  My doctors expect a speedy recovery, and I hope to be back on my feet within a few weeks — and get back to the business of serving you in City Hall and fighting for our district, the middle class, and our shared values.” We wish Halloran a quick and speedy recovery.
  • SPLC Reports on Odinist Terrorist: The Southern Poverty Law Center reports on the sentencing of white supremacist Wayde Lynn Kurt, who was accused of plotting to assassinate President Barack Obama. Kurt, 54, was sentenced to 13 years in prison on charges related to firearms and forgery. Tapes played during the trial showed Kurt saying that Obama “needs to be killed.” Kurt was involved in the racist Odinist group “Vangard Kindred” (whose co-founder is also in trouble with the law). FBI Special Agent Joseph Cleary testified that he believed “Mr. Kurt had a terrorist plan that involved the president of the United States.” During the trial, prosecutors played a video of a Odinist blot Kurt took part in, where the Norse pantheon was invoked to protect them from other races, with Nazi flags flying in the background.
  • Skyclad Ritual in India: The Times of India reports on the remote village of Handanakerae, where once a year women clad only in leaves give homage to the goddess Gonimaradamma in return for answered prayers. Quote: “I prayed to goddess Gonimaradamma for my family’s well-being. She fulfilled my demands and that’s why I performed this service. No family member or any villager forced me to do this ritual. I’ve been getting good things from the goddess and so I do this service for her. What’s wrong in it?” Women who participate in the ritual are treated as manifestations of the goddess, and any misbehavior is heavily frowned on, believing it would bring punishment from Gonimaradamma.

That’s all I have for now, have a great Sunday!

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  • Lori F – MN

    RE: Ritual in India – I read some of the comments to the story link and what a bunch of hateful responses.  Most of them focused on Islam and Muslems and how they would never permit such behavior. 
    Just imagine a place where women aren’t ojectified. 

    And Good Luck to Ardantane for their center

  • Guest

    An excellent group makes a powerful effort to be more inclusive, runs fundraiser with reasonable costs and goals in mind, eco-friendly bonuses and nice little gifts, too, and it’s *crickets*
    Let’s decide we can have nice things.
    Give a little, guys.

  • Mia

    I literally LOL’d at the Harre Potty bit. Very nice.

  • Folcwald

    People might be more enthused to help if the photo did not feature a terrific eyesore blighting an otherwise beautiful landscape.

  • AmberK1

    Amber K here, from Ardantane Pagan Learning Center. Folcwald mentioned the photo of our geodesic dome and called it an “eyesore,” which it was at that stage of construction. Just so you know, that’s an old photo and the dome is almost complete and much prettier now. (Interior photo attached; I need to take a new one of the outside). This summer we plan to paint it the color of the red earth at Ardantane. We are working to make an eco-friendly campus that does not detract from our beautiful setting… and Folcwald, you’re welcome to come out to New Mexico and help us. 

  • Folcwald

     AmberK1: I should mention that I did not just mean to be snarky. I have had some rather unfortunate experiences with allegedly environmentally conscious Pagans hypocritically trashing various landscapes. Since you say that was a picture during construction, I’ll accept that you are not doing that. The interior does look nice. From purely a PR standpoint, you might want to make sure that in the future you have a better visual out there. I doubt I am the only one who found this rather discouraging.

  • Guest

     “hey, this area’s spiritual, undisturbed, and lovely. let’s wreck it” does happen a lot.