A Day to Reflect

A Day to Reflect July 7, 2012

I won’t be actively blogging today, as I’m taking a personal day for my birthday. I’ve often thought that birthdays, at least once you bypass the “piles of toys” stage of life, are a perfect time to take stock, reflect on the year past, look toward the year to come, and spend time with dear friends. So that’s what I’ll be doing.

Living in Eugene, Oregon, one of my favorite spots to reflect is from the top of Spencer Butte, a place I often hike to (weather permitting). Here’s a photo I took a couple months ago, of the view from the summit.

I’d like to take this moment to thank all of you, for reading, supporting my efforts here, and participating in making today’s Pagan media the dynamic, enriching, experience it often is. Doing The Wild Hunt has been a true privilege, one I hope to continue for many years to come. I bow to all of you.

If you are looking for news, or a good Sunday read, let me recommend a few stopping points:

You may also want to check the excellent Pagan blogs and podcasts linked in my sidebar.

Again, thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Monday.

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  • Rae

    Happy birthday.  🙂

  • Happy birthday, Jason! I am grateful for your service to the Pagan community and hope that you continue writing about us for many years to come. 

  • Oengus Sea-Eagle

    Hsppy birthday, Jason! May it be blessed and peaceful for you@

  • Oengus Sea-Eagle

    That is happy birthday, and may it be blessed and peaceful for you!

    Darned tiny keyboard and fat thumbs!

  • Ray

    Only ever worked one birthday in my whole life,

    when I thought I’d outgrown taking the day off.

    Worst day of my life, the day was soooo long,
    and I dragged my shoes like a petulant two year old.
    (And I manage the store 🙂  ) 

    Haven’t worked my birthday now in over 25 years.

    The family decided that we’d all take each others birthday
    as a personal leave day, and in Irish style,
    we start the celebrations the night before.

    Great way to stay in touch, and respect family.

  • Cathryn Meer Bauer

    Best birthday wishes to you, Jason.  I hope you are taking some time to bask in the good work that you are doing here with The Wild Hunt.

    Cathryn Meer Bauer

  • Many happy & blessed returns of the day.

  • Shakti_Luna

    I wished you a happy birthday on your facebook but I shall also do so on your page.  How lucky you are to live in such a gorgeous area of this country.  Wishing you a wonderful birthday.

  • Harmonyfb

    Happy Birthday, Jason!

  • Cindy Wilson

    Happy Birthday Jason and thank you for all you do for our benefit. 

  • Happy Birthday Jason!

  • Terra Dragonstar

    Happy Birthday. Wishing you wonderful things for the coming year.

  • Silvaticus

    Happy Birthday. Every day, your news takes me into the heart of our community, when I must stay home. From here, I am at every line of resistance. With the stories, I could be at every circle. With every tragedy, I hear the cries and see our community be there for each other. I even get to laugh and gasp at so many follies of the Fundies and villains. Thank you, Jason. I sincerely hope to sit and have a drink with you at some point in this incarnation. Thou art Goddess. Thou art God.

  • Have a wonderful, peaceful day, Jason. You deserve it.

  • Baruch Dreamstalker

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Rosrua

    Happy birth-day and may you have good reflections…

  • Tara

    Happy birthday, Jason! Thanks for all your hard work!

  • NoBodE

    Happy Birthday and may you have many more. I truly enjoy the work you do.

  • Obsidia

    Happy Re-Birthday, Moon Child! 

  • Guest

    Merry Jasonmass!

  • Kilmrnock

    Happy Birthday , my friend ………….i too enjoy your blog , what you do . i would like to take this opportunity to thank you for The Wild Hunt . You permorm a quite valuable service to the Pagan community.    Thank You    Kilm aka Dennis

  • happy birthday!

  • Anon_Mahna

    Happy hatching day!  Enjoy the day off .

  • MertvayaRuka

    A very happy birthday to you, Jason!