David Grega 1984 – 2012

David Grega 1984 – 2012 July 11, 2012

Yesterday, word quickly spread that David Grega, perhaps best known for his prominent role on the Pagan Centered Podcast, passed away after a sudden cardiac arrest. In addition to co-founding PCP, an irreverent podcast that garnered a large and appreciative audience for its no-holds-barred style, Dave also helped in the running and development of the Proud Pagan Podcasters, was an important early voice in the formation of the Pagan Newswire Collective, and co-founded Lonestar Pagan, the Texas bureau of the PNC. Dave was a key figure in Pagan new media, constantly tinkering, trying out new ideas and technologies in order to more effectively do the work at hand. He had a personality and energy that was almost impossible to ignore, and we are all poorer for his absence.

Dave Grega

“If there’s something you’ve been meaning to do for a while, start planning to get it done.  If there’s something you don’t want to do – find an honorable way to stop doing it.  If someone needs something and you like them and you can more than afford it (and they’re not a needy do-nothing)… give it to them.  And for gods’ sake – don’t forget to tell people how much you value them before they keel over and die.  Funerals are not a particularly useful time to tell someone how much they meant to you. I notice most people’s fears about death have more to do with regrets than anything else.” – Dave Grega

While tributes to Dave have started to pour in, I think these words from Amber Roth, one of the original co-founders and hosts of the Pagan Centered Podcast, are perhaps the most appropriate at this time.

“It’s hard to know what to say when a friend passes, let alone where to start. I remember the first time I met Dave it was way back when he had a pagan group at Clarion Campus in Pennsylvania. Even then, Dave was someone who was beyond outspoken. He would pull new visitors into conversation and loved the idea of friendly debate. Even our very first interaction started with me trying to observe from the background and him pulling me into a conversation with, “Well YOU look like you have some interesting stories”, and then dragging thoughts from me. It seems like such a small memory to focus on, but it was the beginning of such an important part of my life.

I could talk about how kind a person Dave was, or how bright of a light he was for all of us. But instead of all the sappy memories, what comes to mind is all the debating that our friendship entailed. Dave Grega was an important friend in my life, but not because he was full of feel good conversation. It was because he wasn’t afraid to tell you what he thought. Not because he was mean-spirited (even though sometimes he had as much social grace as as a blindfolded buffalo in a china shop) but because he didn’t feel that holding observations back when they had the possibility of stirring positive change. It didn’t matter if he was talking to a “Big Name Pagan”, a friend, or a random guest on the podcast, he would speak his mind. He wasn’t afraid to question or push for change on taboo and complex issues and he encouraged others to do the same.

Life won’t be the same without post-producing his laugh to be a reasonable volume, or hearing his snarky disapproval when I was being stubborn in making a hard decision. But if I can pull anything positive out of this tragedy, is that Dave was able to pass at a time in his life where he had found happiness. He had a loving relationship with a brand new baby girl to bring light into his life. He lived his life to the fullest, and with little regret. He pushed hard to meet standards that he put himself up to without asking for acceptance or permission. He was one of the bravest people I know, I feel honored to have had him in my life as a dear friend. Not only for the times where we were able to laugh and joke, but for the all the times that he cared enough to tell me when he disagreed and pushed me past my comfort levels to become more of the person I am today…as I am sure he has done for countless others.

Dave Grega, you will be deeply missed my friend. I don’t think I can find the words to properly express the loss that we feel, but know that we’ll remember you always.”

Finally, here is a prayer from Lamyka, host of Lamyka’s Wiccan Podcast, who worked and collaborated with Dave.

Death Prayer of Dave Grega
Composed by Lamyka

Harsh rapids flow
against banks of ice.
Your life and loss
carves scars into us all.

Yet now Lord and Lady guided,
softer shores abound.
Swifter currents yield
at happy gurgling sound.

Flow now as Life, Herself.
Be at Peace.
On now western shores
all hurts smoothed and gone.
Light of the Gods
wrap you warm.
Blessed Be.

Plans for a memorial are currently in progress, as are plans to raise funds so that his mother can attend his funeral. Once I have that information, I will update this post. My sincere condolences go out to all of Dave’s friends and family, may his spirit rest with the gods and return to us again.

ADDENDUM: Here’s information about the Memorial Fund to help his family with expenses.

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12 responses to “David Grega 1984 – 2012”

  1. wonderful  as usual Jason  , Dave was a very Important figure in my deciding to do Podcasts and Radio . I will always remember his  laugh on PCP . Listening through head phones as i often do , I think that laugh has cost me some hearing . but the information provided by the team on PCP and the instruction on podcasting  by Dave are well worth it. Rest in the WEST Dave and see ya later  brotherman Z.

  2. PCP was one of the first things I experienced in the greater pagan community. Thank you Dave for the wonderful contribution you have made to our community.

  3. It is hard to think he’s gone. Whatever anyone wants to say about him good or bad, he was his own man. I remember all of us sitting and laughing that we’d be the old farts all famous, accusing each other of being the ‘selena fox’ or ‘m. macha nightmare’ of 30yrs from now. We can never forget that the Gods may very well have other plans for us.

    Lady Bless & Lord Guide Dave,

  4. This is indeed a sad day. David and the crew from PCP interviewed me last year and it was easily one of the highlights of my entire Project Conversion experience. He will be sorely missed. 

  5. In my heart I know this to be true. Not alwase true for me, And Sometimes true for others. But such is life.
    When a person pass’s I take time to celibrate their life.
    Light a candle to welcome their spirit to see
    Drink a drink in their memory
    Idal away at their pass times.
    Take those moments when they may yet be close to have joy in their memory.
    And I call them all the names I would of called them in life as i salute a drink in their name.

    Then I morn, and mourning is for the liveing
    Then i take the time to look at what i shared with them
    I accapt that their is now a void that will never be filled in that way agian
    I take the moments to remember the last conversation
    I take the moments to list what i should of said and done.
    I have the second thoughts that haunt us all, the what if’s and i shoulda’s
    I wonder about their friends and family, knowing that many closer feel it more keenly then I

    As I do this I feel the pain. I sometimes question if it is pain of guilt, pain of loss,
    I suspect the pain visits to offer the relief of punishment, Much as swating the rump of a guilt ridden child assures them that the debt is paid, But that is an illusion. A game of make belive to offer a placibo salve to the guilt to trick it into going away.

    I hope to take these moments to feel them
    To take the lessons of their life and season mine with what wisdom i can gleen
    As every time i would think of what would dave say, And a shadow of his voice soon adding it self to my own thoughts
    I Hope to live a life and Perhaps make mine worth carrying the memory of another friend foward.

    But it is to be said, that when Dave visited for the eventful roadtrip. He met my shy neice. This girl who is a cat wraped like a human, And would take weeks to open to a relitive. She said hi to dave willingly and easly as if she had known him all her life.

    Damn you asshole, I’ll catch up to you later

    Scurvy Dog of the Pagan Centered Podcast
    Joseph A Moody

  6. I’m stunned almost speechless by this. I’ve never talked to Dave, never met him, but having listened to his podcasts so many times while fixing dinner (and sometimes wishing I could comment on the things they’re saying) I almost feel like I did. What a loss, he will be very much missed.

  7. dave  was a good person  and i know that all of is friends and family will miss him i loved to here his podcast and join in on them  i know i will miss him but he will always bee remeberd

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