Images from my Faerieworlds Experience

Images from my Faerieworlds Experience July 29, 2012

Not much time to do a proper post today, but do check out my interview with Soriah and Ashkelon Sain at my A Darker Shade of Pagan podcast, and check out a small selection of photos from my Saturday at the Faerieworlds festival.

A view of the crowd at Faerieworlds.
Jesse and Emilio from the band Treguenda.
Deborah “DJ” Hamouris leading a circle singing workshop.
Faerieworlds MC Mark Lewis with headliner Donovan.
Your humble author with some wonderful Portland Pagan friends.

Regular Wild Hunt posting will resume tomorrow!

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  • Looks awesome! Wish I was there!

  • Baruch Dreamstalker

    You’ve made a righteous effort at a daunting task: Make us feel what it’s like to be present at a festival via the internet. Kudos!

  • That last shot is awesome!

  • Anon_Mahna

    I really need to start marking thise things down in a calendar so i can plot when to take my road trips next year.

  • Tenosce

    Good times indeed.  You are a humble and kind spirit, Jason.   I spent all last night at Home Depot purchasing materials for the next year’s Faerie Wagon concept.  I call it “The Darkling Lodge.”  363 days and counting.