Let’s Play in the Dark Shall We? Blood Magick

Let’s Play in the Dark Shall We? Blood Magick December 9, 2017

Ooooo! Blood!…. That creepy little wood witch is doing spells with blood! Well… ya I do, and that’s your first hurdle! That’s why I suggest you keep your spellworkings to yourself, first and foremost. You are not out to impress anyone, and if you are, this isn’t for you. You also have to break free from the cultural and social taboos that are involved in these types of workings. Mine was an evolving of the type of witch that I am, and the kind of spellwork I choose to do. To me it’s like this… you either have it in you, or you don’t. It’s just that simple, it’s that way with many forms of traditional craft practices. Workings with bones, and blood, necromancy as well, hit pretty high on a lot of people’s creepy list! Although blood magic is not for every magical practice, it does offer benefits for those who choose to work with it, and in more ways then one might think.

"Autumn Blood" photo from Max Pixel, CC0 1.0 License.
“Autumn Blood” photo from Max Pixel, CC0 1.0 License.

Next on the list is society, personal, and religious issues. You have to look at your own religious, and or, spiritual, as well as personal beliefs, and if society plays a role in this for you. Then you can decide if doing blood magic, and how dark you want to go with it resonates with you. For me this wasn’t a problem, my beliefs are heathen, and that of an animist, and I honestly don’t care as to society’s thoughts on my practices. I do not kill, nor harm, any living animals for my work with their blood or bones. I don’t have to, I live in the woods, nature takes care of that for me. It’s the balance.

Timing and location is next on the list. The time is now! Samhain brings to us the dark season, deep, dark emotional waters. The underworld, going deep within yourself, and darker workings.
The location is usually a place that you can concentrate, and work undisturbed. Although there are times my workings take me to other places.
Why blood? Well to understand that you have to combine the ideas of science and magic.
The science part of this is realizing what blood does first of all. It supplies oxygen to cells and tissues. Providing essential nutrients to cells, and removing waste materials. It also protects the body from infection and foreign bodies.
The second science to this is something called the unified field theory. In physics, a unified field theory is a type of theory that allows all that is usually thought of as fundamental forces, and elementary particles, to be written in terms of a single field.

So what this all translates into in the magical sense, is that blood is a lifeforce, it’s one’s essence, and vitality. Blood flows, it carries, it brings things to us, and away from us, and it helps us to heal. Blood nurtures us, and protects us. For the blood image, one of it’s biggest draws is blood’s connection to things. See the unified field theory shares a similar theory to animism, where as everything is energy, or matter, and if all is energy then all is the same…and there’s your connection. My blood, your blood, it’s one and the same. That’s one of the ways you can go darker with it, enabling the sorcerer to connect with their victim.

What are the dangers of blood magic? Well, disease and, or, poisoning for starters, and that’s not the worries on the magical side of the hedge. For if you go dark with your curse or hex, and it doesn’t work… know it will be your webb of wyrd to deal with.

So don’t be stupid, do things in a sanitary manner, and don’t share blood. Don’t slash yourself, you don’t need quarts! A little blood goes a long way magically speaking, a prick on the finger wil usually suffice.
Time to put this blood to use! For works of healing, or rejuvenation, or to work within one’s self, and protection, you can apply the blood, and magical oils, to stones and crystals of the same intent. Place them in mojo bags with healing or protecting herbs, do meditations with the blood stone, to go within, and for inner healing, and wisdom. Menstral blood can be used for fertility, and even sex magic.
The wort cunner, and the wise woman will use blood magic with herbs and plants, that’s where the magic is, any sage will concur! Add blood to the plant’s leaves as a way of connecting to the plant. Use the leaves in incense, or consume the leaves, to become one with the plant. Or as a offering, a giving back of yourself, for the taking of it’s flowers, roots, and leaves.

Connect with an animal spirit, or your familiar. Using a creature’s blood, or bone, is the deepest way to connect with them. The shaman, using the blood to shapeshift, or to journey to other realms with his guide.
Use blood in making sigils, and for giving an additional boost to your spellwork.
Love… There is a deep connection with blood and love spells. Blood is one’s essence, it goes directly to the heart… so it’s easy to see for good, or darker intent, how that can work. Spells of love, and of sending words to your intended, seem to work the best with blood from the lips.
Then there is the darker work. Use blood with poppets to hex, or as a way to bring connection, a link to the hag and her prey. Blood from the lips, and spoken words of evil intent can bring malities of the mind to one’s victim. Write your curse out in blood. Or use it to one up your scrying of crystal balls, or black mirrors, giving aid to more powerful readings.

These are but a few of the ways you can use blood in your magical workings. Refuse to accept paradoxes, explore this for yourself. It matters not if you’re a wiccan, a green wytch, a shaman or an evil crone. There are plenty of ways to incorporate this powerful substance into your magical workings!

Dark and wild blessings )0(

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  • kenofken

    I’m glad you wrote on this subject. Patheos has gone a bit fluffy of late. Blood magick is not a day to day working for me, but I do use it as it’s very powerful stuff. I blooded my rune set with my own blood and incorporated some into ink for written spells. To get that volume I enlisted the help of a nurse to draw several vials. Highly recommend that if you need more than a few drops. I also consume one of my partners blood from a special small chalice in some of our rites.

  • NightShayde

    Blood, throughout history, has been identified as life thus the quest for immortality. Blood magick is extremely powerful and should be treated as such

  • Raven Wood

    I am pleased you enjoyed. The amount of blood for spell work is determined by the work at hand, I agree. I like your rune idea as well. Thank you for sharing. Dark and Wild blessings )0( Raven

  • Raven Wood

    Well said my good man! )0(

  • Sarah England

    Fascinating read… thank you so much for sharing this.

  • Fidgen

    This is a great article, but your misunderstanding of the Unified Field Theory undermines your point. Look into ‘spooky relationships’ and ‘quantum entanglement’. I believe those areas of physics may lend better to your points.

  • KittyMayhem

    those stick pins for diabetes work great, I also use blood on my runes and have for about 4 decades it seals them to me

  • Indeed, and that is a great idea about your runes. A sure way to really connect. BB, Raven