Have A Magickal Thanksgiving

Have A Magickal Thanksgiving November 24, 2020

Mabon is a magickal time, a time to reap the bounty of what we have sown. A time of celebration and gratitude. For when you begin the art of growing, dark secrets that working the land brings begin to unfold. Once you dedicate yourself to the reaping and sowing, it is the voice of the moon that you hear…For me Mabon is a darker more spiritual celebration of the earth, while Thanksgiving is more general in comparison. But that doesn’t mean by any means that it cannot be magickal, for we have all the magickal ingredients we need.

Pumpkins are a plant of the moon, and can be used for protection, divination, banishing and prosperity. Both pumpkins and pumpkin seeds represent fertility, abundance, wealth, prosperity, good luck, and can attract money.

I always make fresh biscuits at Thanksgiving, and offer seasonal jams to enjoy. I make a Hawthorn berry jelly, as they are one of the only berries available up here in the late fall / winter season, so a prized little berry they be. Hawthorn magickal endeavors are long term engagements, and they often have lasting power and significance in one’s life. A hawthorn tree can live for 100 years or more, and in astrology is considered masculine and associated with Mars. A tree with the element of fire, and due to it’s connection to the Underworld according to some, a tree of Hekate. In Teutonic lore, hawthorn symbolized death and was used in funeral pyres. The white clumps of flowers give off a faint smell of rotting meat, your first indication of hawthorn’s darker side…
Although it is permissible to decorate outside with hawthorn blossoms, (usually at Beltane), bringing them into the home would surely bring illness.

I also serve a Cardamom spice rose hip jam as rose hips are available as well. Magickally speaking, rose hips are associated with the planet Venus and of the element water, but also possess some aspects of Jupiter as well, health benefits being among them. Folkmagick tells of how rose hips can be placed around one’s bed at night, aiding protection from night-terrors and spirits of the darker realms. Rose hips as the rose itself are steeped in the lore of the planet Venus, used in love spells to entice and encourage love. Being within the Water element makes rose hips a great addition to a witch philter, or a splendid healer of the emotions. So work with or consume rose hips to aid heartbreaks, anxiety, or a love struck mind. For many moons the wise women of the times have made teas of rose hips, aiding women’s monthly moon cycles for both the body and the mind. Necklaces or a rose hip strand where made of strung rose hips to encourage psychic abilities, as well as love and harmony to it’s wearer.

Of course it would not be Thanksgiving without our spices, which have their magickal uses as well.
Cloves ~ Uses include protection, banishing hostile/negative forces, and gaining what is sought. Cloves are burned to stop gossip, purify, and raise the spiritual vibrations of an area. Also use cloves to bring a sense of kinship to your thanksgiving gathering, even if it’s a smaller group this year. Cloves are also healing and offer protection from illness. Clove oil has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments, especially dental ailments and is naturally antiseptic.

Ginger ~ Draws adventure and new experiences, promotes sensuality, sexuality, personal confidence, prosperity, and success. Adds to the strength and speed of any mixture of which it is a part. Place in amulet, mojo, or medicine bag to promote good health and protection, or consume it to alleviate nausea and inflammation.

Cinnamon ~ Cinnamon is associated with the element of fire and the sun. It can be added to any spell to speed up the action. Cinnamon can be used in love spells and to make charms to draw love, happiness, and money. Other herbs that enhance cinnamon’s money drawing properties are cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger. Cinnamon is a magickal spice with a long and rich history. It was mentioned in Chinese books on healing more than four thousand years ago, and was also used in Egypt and Europe. Egypt having darker uses for the spice, as it was included in a mix of herbs and spices that were used to fill body cavities during mummification….

Cranberries ~
The Native Americans were very familiar with the cranberry, and used it as food, medicine and dye. They often used the berry to flavor meats, and in a poultice to heal wounds and lower inflammation. Cranberries element (as a berry) is fire, and it has ritual uses in Yule or Winter Solstice. Because of the cranberry’s beautiful red color, it finds associations with the planet Mars, and its magickal correspondences as well. Because of this the cranberry can be used for protection, positive energy, courage, passion, determination, goals, and action.

Sage ~ Sage is masculine in nature and associated with the element of Air and the planet Jupiter. In folklore an old proverb says “why should a man die who has sage in his garden?” Sage was used in the Middle Ages to treat fevers, liver disease and epilepsy. Sage was also used during that time to mask the taste of rancid meat. I am assuming it’s antibacterial action protecting those from dying of the rancid meat, an interesting bit of holiday folklore indeed.

And finally the guest of honor… the Turkey. ~ The Turkey is a spirit animal closely associated with honoring the forest or nature, and is connected to the element of earth. A symbol of abundance, this totem animal brings to focus the need to pay homage to our sources of nourishment, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual. The turkey
offers a harmonious relationship with the land and environment, a true working of the earth element indeed. The Turkey totem is a guide to unlocking the abundance of life and feeling blessed with what one has, instead of accumulating material “stuff” to seek what is thought to be happiness…
Enjoy your magickal Thanksgiving, Cheers!

About Raven Wood
Raven is an herbalist, planetary alchemist, magickal folklorist and traditional witch of Celtic and Germanic roots, who lives and practices her craft in the woods of mid western North America. She currently writes the blog “Witch of the Wood with Raven Wood“ for Patheos Pagans, and has a website “Wood Witch Hollow” where you will find blogs, shop updates, Patreon information and other writings. Her first book in the works. You can read more about the author here.
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