Why Business Matters to God and What Still Needs to Be Fixed

Why Business Matters to God and What Still Needs to Be Fixed December 5, 2015


Jeff Van Duzer grew up thinking business was the source of much damage and evil in the world, the work of greedy capitalists polluting the environment. Thirty years later he was dean of a business school.

In the course of that remarkable transformation, Van Duzer discovered many business people achieving a great deal of good for society as well as a lot of illegal and unethical behavior.

Along the way he found some who thought that merely being honest and kind was what made business Christian. Others said they’d never ask pastors for business advice because they had no interest or experience in their work. After all, wasn’t “full-time Christian service” what the church was all about?

In Why Business Matters to God (And What Still Needs to Be Fixed) Van Duzer explores the nature and meaning of doing business and offers a vision of business that contributes to the purposes of God.

It’s an important book for anyone wanting to bring glory to God through business.

Reprinted from the Center for Faith at Work, LeTourneau University. Image: CFW.

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