September 27, 2016

Since completing the Year of Polygamy project, (a podcast series where I rely on the works of the top scholars in Mormonism  to tell the history of Mormon Plural Marriage), I am often asked how polygamy affects the LDS church today. Polygamy has shaped the LDS church and Mormonism so much that I still believe the LDS church is a “Polygamy Church.” Saying so often offends my fellow Latter-day Saint friends who are quick to tell me that we no longer practice polygamy…. Read more

September 6, 2016

In an effort to show just how similar Mormon Fundamentalists are to, well, Mormons- I will be starting a series on this blog, which I will update now and again. Each time, I will take a different word or theme and ask individuals from different faith traditions within the Restoration to discuss how they experienced or would interpret the concept. I will likely try to let them speak for themselves and in their own words. The rules are- I give… Read more

August 22, 2016

(This post is taken from notes I used during my UVU talk on April 12, 2016) When the Mormon Saints began their departure from Nauvoo on February 4, 1846 with the intention of heading to the Rocky Mountains, the journey took them to places they couldn’t imagine. It would be a journey that would test the spiritual and physical development of the Mormon people, shape the Mormon culture, and forge the fires of modern Mormonism.  Because of rain and a late… Read more

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