Because “Atlas Shrugged” is not “the Sermon on the Mount”

Because “Atlas Shrugged” is not “the Sermon on the Mount” March 10, 2011

On this second day of Lent, I have a couple of videos to share with you. The first is from an interview Ayn Rand did with Mike Wallace back in the days when networks were few.

Ayn Rand, the author, novelist, and philosopher, answers the kinds of tough questions that journalists used to be able to ask, back when the networks were an oligopoly.

She made lots of appearances on other talk shows over the years as well. I read The Fountainhead a long time ago, but I never bothered reading Atlas Shrugged. Watching this video may help you understand why.

You love only those who deserve it. Gulp! Just in case you’re interested, I hear a movie adaptation of Atlas Shrugged is due to hit theaters on April 15th. I doubt that I will go see it.

You see, I prefer the thoughts that the Word made flesh delivered at the Sermon on the Mount to the “objectivist” philosophy of Ayn Rand any day of the week. That’s because these words appeal to the rational, realistic, and fully human side of me. Especially those expressed around Matthew 7:3 (at the very end of the clip).

Update: Mark Shea also has some thoughts on Ayn Rand and a poem (or two).

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