Photographs of the Week: Christian Bale Visits the Victims UPDATED

Photographs of the Week: Christian Bale Visits the Victims UPDATED July 24, 2012

This is for the half-dozen or so readers who haven’t seen the photographs of actor Christian Bale (Batman) visiting the hospital where victims of the theater shooting last Friday are being treated.

Christian Bale meets with Aurora theater shooting victim Carey Rottman. Warner Brothers says its on his own time and not on the company’s behalf. This guy is a class act. -Kaiser of Radio 104.1 WMRQ

Let me tell you what this does for morale. I was hospitalized for 5 1/2 weeks once, and when visitors came to see me, it always lifted my spirits. But the biggest lift came when the Commanding General of the 4th Marine Division came to see me at the Naval Hospital in Balboa. Talk about a jump in morale! In that setting, when a Major General pops in to see one of his troops, it’s just like Christian Bale coming to visit you. I know this for a fact: all the nurses treated me better afterwards. 🙂

Big thumbs up for Batman actor Christian Bale! He’s in town right now visiting with victims of the Aurora shooting. This picture is of him with Swedish Medical Center staff at the Aurora Medical Center.

Bravo Zulu, Christian Bale. I liked you before, but I love you even more now. Nicely done.

Tony Rossi of Christopher Closeup notes that Bale’s visit,

…was a personal trip, not on behalf of the studio. Even more classy was the fact that there was little advance warning so press coverage was limited. Bale wasn’t looking to attract pats on the back for being a good guy. He apparently just wanted to be a good guy.

UPDATE II: Deacon Greg Kandra has the story that accompanies this video,


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