Quote of the Week from Cardinal Dolan

Quote of the Week from Cardinal Dolan November 12, 2012

The premier answer to the question “What’s wrong with the world?” “what’s wrong with the church?” is not politics, the economy, secularism, sectarianism, globalization or global warming . . .none of these, as significant as they are. As Chesterton wrote, “The answer to the question ‘What’s wrong with the world?’ is just two words:’I am.'”

I am! Admitting that leads to conversion of heart and repentance, the marrow of the Gospel-invitation. I remember the insightful words of a holy priest well known to many of us from his long apostolate to priests and seminarians in Rome, Monsignor Charles Elmer, wondering aloud from time to time if, following the close of the Council, we had sadly become a Church that forgot how to kneel. If we want the New Evangelization to work, it starts on our knees.

—Timothy Cardinal Dolan from his address given at this morning’s opening session of the USCCB Plenary in Baltimore.

Rocco Palmo has the whole thing. Read it all, because though the thoughts were addressed to his brother bishops, dare I say they apply to all Catholics?

I know they apply to me. Penance beckons.

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