For A Reader’s Query, A “Real” Catholic Reply (Music for Mondays)

For A Reader’s Query, A “Real” Catholic Reply (Music for Mondays) May 13, 2013

A long time ago, over on the YIMCatholic Facebook page, I shared a music video. It’s a little ditty about the Whole Foods parking lot and it did go viral. It also made some readers scratch their heads and ask,

Did I miss something? Why is this on the YIM page?

What was “this?” Nothing much, just a little video that I shared on the Facebook page. Unfortunately, only those who “like” the Facebook page, or follow YIMCatholic on Twitter, got to see the video. My bad. From that point on, I decided to just do a post. That way, see, none of you will be left out when I have something I think is brilliant enough to share with readers of this page. Because folks follow the blog through a number of outlets, but not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter.

As a refresher, since it’s Monday and I’m in the mood for some music, here’s the video that sparked the question,

So I shared that on the Facebook page with a goofy quip of “This must go viral!” Which, of course, it did, pulling down close to 5 million views on YouTube.

In the comm box, I answered this query briefly like so,

“Joy is an ancillary gift of the Holy Spirit, and this video brought me that. Your mileage may vary.”

But there is more to it than that. To the question at hand then, what does this video possibly have to do with being Catholic? A multitude of things, really.

First off is the spark of creative genius that came up with the idea for it. Who are these guys? Anyone famous? Nope, just dudes like me. But creative dudes, and I can appreciate that. Creativity is a gift from God, and these fellows are sharing it with the world. Thank God for You Tube(!) and for the folks who created that too.

Next, the story. Has this never, ever happened to you? Maybe not in the Whole Foods parking lot, but any other time you spy a spot and mark your territory with your blinker? Uh-huh. Which is why it is funny. You can relate to it, or at least I can.

What about the sterling quality of this little four minute jewel? The quality of the camera shots, for example. The angles, the panning, the zooms, the focus. The music . The lyrics. The editing. In fact, all of the editing on this piece is, frankly, brilliant. The voiceovers interleaved throughout adding emphasis to the lyrics, for example. You know, from the size of the shopping carts (“small”) to the annoying clip-board holding petition takers (“I said not right now!”).

Which brings us to the satire. Is this not a caricature of how folks live nowadays? And not just in the West Side of L.A. either. Looking for love in all the wrong places. Like in the organic food stores where your wallet will be relieved of eighty bucks for a whopping 6 items. Or like in our little earth friendly hybrids and Smart cars and our pinot noir for under $20. Can a family of 5 afford to shop at Whole Foods regularly? Not mine. But hey, there is also a 99 Cent Store in that mall where you can get 6 items for 6 dollars and still have to fight for a parking spot, so it’s all good! And Trader Joes is still good for Three Buck Chuck too, and hopefully you have one close by.

What about the humanity on display in this short film? The friendships among the guys, the clip-board petition person, the employees, the other shoppers. Even the irritating guy on the cell phone is a child of God, and that is important. Because that guy could possibly be me, and probably has been a time or two.

So to wrap it all up and put a fine point on it, here is the real reason why I love that video and why you must help make it go viral. It’s because of a wee little something from Psalm 33 (15-15),

From heaven the Lord looks down and observes the whole human race, surveying from the royal throne all who dwell on earth. The One who fashioned the hearts of them all knows all their works.

Even right down into the Whole Foods parking lot. That’s why here at YIMCatholic you’ll find stories on the saints and martyrs available on the shelf right next to music posts about Pink Floyd and the Who. Posts on poems and art beside posts on the cinema. Posts on miracles and prayers standing right beside posts on automobile races in France or Indianapolis.  Sometimes, they even share the same categories.

Not all of them will appeal to you directly, but they are all catholic with a small “c”, which points to them in the direction of Catholic with a big “C.”

And that isn’t just little ol’ Frank’s idea either.

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof: the world, and all they that dwell therein. -Psalm 24:1

Yep, the whole nine yards. Thanks be to God.

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  • Thanks be to God for Frank. Loved this clip the first time round!