A Song You've Never Heard: "Calvary"

A Song You've Never Heard: "Calvary" March 28, 2011

Oh the myst’ry of that cursed, blessed hill
Where the sinless Son fulfilled the father’s will…

Today I’m going to point my readers to a song that, as far as I know, has never been professionally cut. It was written by Ben Storie, who was recently interviewed along with Lee Black by Daniel J. Mount. Ben is a gifted writer, and even though nobody has picked this song up yet, I consider it to be among the best I’ve heard from him. The melody is beautiful, and the lyrics are smoothly crafted. You can hear a demo of it (presumably his own), on his spot at American Songspace. [Edit: Ben Storie has clarified that the demo was actually done by Lee Black. Thanks Ben!] [April 18, 2014 EDIT: This link no longer works.] Just scroll down and find “Calvary” in the player. The demo is naturally a little rough, but it will give you a good idea of the song.

If I had to pick a nit, I would say that the one misstep in the lyric is the use of the word “tragedy” to describe Jesus’ crucifixion. Ordinarily, one would use the word to describe an unfortunate event, something sad that happened without warning. Of course Jesus deliberately chose the cross, and his tormentors deliberately chose to kill him. The other meaning of the word is “A drama or literary work in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow, especially as a consequence of a tragic flaw.” Jesus’ story is of a rather different nature, obviously.
But setting that aside, I am baffled that this song hasn’t been recorded by a major gospel artist. It’s far better than a good many other songs I could name that have found success. Well worth a listen!

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  • Nate Stainbrook

    I could hear L5 cutting this song, or maybe the MTQ…

  • Yes, it would make a really nice Scott Fowler lead for L5…and if MTQ did it, imagine if the key were changed and Pat Barker got the lead (!)
    Okay, so maybe I sound like Daniel, but still… 🙂

  • Ben Storie

    Wow. Thanks for mentioning our song (I co-wrote it with Lee Black). Really. Thanks so much. I understand your perspective but I stand by the use of the word ‘tragedy’. God dying in our place is a tragedy in my perspective. It was a beautiful act of salvation for every one of us but ideally He shouldn’t have had to do it. But we failed and needed saving so He stepped up. Having said that I’m totally fine with your perspective, too. I see where you’re coming from. And thanks again for bringing attention to our song.

  • You’re very welcome. Nice job, both of you! I’d love to hear the cut when somebody does it. Thanks for stopping by the blog.
    Your comment reminded me of something John Piper has said: “There’s only one person God treated worse than he deserved.”

  • Ben Storie

    PS – The demo is by Lee Black. Both Lee and the demo are inspiring. 🙂

  • Thanks! I put in a note clarifying that.
    By the way, apropos of nothing much, did you ever re-read The Great Divorce per my inspiration? 😉

  • Lee

    Though you can’t believe everything you read online, http://www.dictionary.com defines tragedy as “a lamentable, dreadful, or fatal event or affair; calamity; disaster.” Yes, he chose it. But, in my book, the brutal flogging and nailing of a man to a tree is a horrific tragedy, albeit a beautiful one as it purchased my salvation.
    And “demo” is a stretch… that is the original rough work tape. I think a demo is in the works with pitching to begin!
    I do thank you for your kind words, though. 😉

  • I guess you’re right. I’ve got one song that I’m really excited about, but I haven’t even gotten around to doing a work tape of it, never mind getting someone to create a soundtrack for it, then paying somebody to do vocals… That’s probably technically the correct description of an official “demo.” 🙂