I seek to understand what is good and what is sad and what is true. When I’m not teaching math, I enjoy writing about faith and culture, researching film and music history, reading great literature and philosophy, pretending to play the piano like Bruce Hornsby, writing the occasional poem, and editing the occasional film project. My interest in Pop Culture Things tends to be inversely proportional to the level of interest they generate among other people of my generation. I am, after all, a Young Fogey.

I occasionally write theological reflections too—in a bad Anglican, high-Church Baptist sort of vein. You’ve all been warned.

My opinions can be curiously strong, but I am always learning how to express them better. Though I retain little patience for post-modernists. Thanks for reading. You can find my freelance social commentary at The Stream and The Federalist, or sample some of my film criticism at Tyler Smith’s More Than One Lesson. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter, @EstherOfReilly.

Stuff I like:

*Good writing

*The smell of old books

*Paul Simon

*Dave Barry

*Harrison Ford’s crooked smile

*That guitar breakdown in “Carry On, Wayward Son”

*Fall leaves

*Lost causes

*Men with Chests

Stuff I don’t like:




*Bowdlerized hymns

*Star Wars prequels

*The ending of La-La Land

*Celebrity atheists