Brian's March Madness—My Wild Prediction

Brian's March Madness—My Wild Prediction March 2, 2011

Brian Crout is setting up a tournament of quartet singers over on southerngospelcritique that looks to be great fun for us quartet geeks. I plan to hop over and cast my votes in the coming days. Brian will create head-to-head matchups of tenors, leads, baritones and basses, and whichever one gets the most votes will proceed to the next round. The four who make it all the way to the end are the championship quartet.

As I write this, I have not even seen any of Brian’s selections, and yet already I have a wild guess as to which four singers will ultimately emerge victorious. Feel free to affirm or pooh-pooh me in the comments:
Tenor: David Phelps
Lead: Glen Payne
Baritone: Mark Trammell
Bass: George Younce
What do you think? A pretty good guess?

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  • George is probably a shoo-in. Everyone else is at least a strong contender, though I’d guess Mark as the next most likely.

  • I agree. I think both George and Mark are certain, and Glen Payne is at least right up there. Phelps is less cut and dried, though I think he has a very good chance.

  • quartet-man

    I figure George or maybe Tim Riley will get bass. Baritone is probably Trammell, but who knows? Glen is a good candidate for lead as well. English has inspired a lot of people as has Guy Penrod, so one of them could have a chance or maybe Ivan Parker.
    Phelps has a really good chance on tenor, but I am wondering if a more “southern gospel” tenor will get it. Contenders might be Funderburk, Haase, or maybe even Free.

  • I think the only baritone that could have a reasonable chance of upsetting Trammell is Doug Anderson. And last time I saw the two of them being compared, folks were saying “Doug is good, but I’m taking Mark.”
    I think Glen may have a better chance than somebody like Michael English, because he’s a more controversial vocalist. But we’ll see.
    Funderburk is plausible on tenor. Of course I would like to see Haase win, but we’ll see.
    It would be very interesting if the Funderburk/Trammell configuration of the Cathedrals just ended up BEING the championship quartet!

  • David Mac

    Depends if you voting for “four flat footed guys” or four individuals?
    Personally I think there should be two streams, past and present. Why compare newly started guys- like Aaron McCune with dead legends? It stifles their appeal!!
    I don’t know about MT; Doug gets my vote for baritone, and I would put Marsh next. However, for my ‘all time’ group I would have Glen as BARITONE and Guy as LEAD, Bobby Clark as 1st TENOR, and George as BASS!

  • I don’t know, I think it’s kind of exciting to have the legends and new-comers in the same boat.
    I plan to vote for Doug myself (assuming he will be one of the ones Brian picks, can’t imagine why not). However, Mark is so enduringly respected and popular that I think in the end he’ll get the most votes.
    You mean you wouldn’t have Ernie as tenor for your all-time? 😮

  • quartet-man

    Yeah, you are right in that Doug could be a contender. I would still vote for Mark. That guy is a beast or maybe a robot.

  • pastorjohn

    Hate to say it but, for a lot of people, it gets down to a popularity contest. I would love to see Ernie Haase win, but too many people don’t like him so I doubt it will ever happen. And I agree with David Mac that when you try to compare “legends” who have died with current singers, it just isn’t a level playing field.

  • Regarding Haase, you’ve sort of captured my feelings as well. Personally I think that for all the awards he’s won, he’s rather underrated.