Personal Announcement

Personal Announcement April 1, 2011

Hey guys. This is tough for me to write, but I wanted to let y’all know that as of next week, I will no longer be able to update the blog.  After a lot of prayer and soul-searching, I have decided to become a Roman Catholic. Moreover, I feel that God is calling me to become a nun.
I know this must be coming as a shock, but believe me when I tell you that this decision has not been made easily. I’ve wrestled with a lot of doubts and questions in coming to it. But I truly believe that this is God’s plan for my life. Next week I will begin my novitiate with the Sisters of St. Monica. This particular order is bound by a vow of silence, so I will be forced to shut down the website, much as it breaks my heart to do so. I’m not sure whether I will be allowed to listen to southern gospel music either. I could try to win over the mother superior with some samples on my ipod…but then again, I’m sworn to a life of poverty too, so that might not work out.

I covet your prayers as I embark on this new chapter in my spiritual journey. May the blessing of God Almighty—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost—be amongst you and remain with you always. Amen!

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  • Seriously? I’ll be checking back next week!

  • Oh lord…. 🙂

  • Rob

    Good one !! 🙂

  • Doug McClure

    Happy April Fools Day Sister. Don’t acquire any bad habits as a Nun.

  • quartet-man

    I believed that you were shutting it down on the first line or so. Then, when I saw the nun thing, I knew it was an April Fools’ Joke. There is a thing of going too far. 😛 I did think that maybe you were shutting it down either due to personal problems. lack of time., or lack of desire. The nun thing killed it. 🙂

  • Na, na-na-na-na, You didn’t fool me. 😛

  • The vow of silence, though, is the real, complete, absolute, over-the-top killer.

  • PhilonSouthernGospel

    Bless you my child…..

  • I’ll say an Ave for ye… 😉

  • anthony


  • NWBaritone

    You had me. I have to admit, a life of poverty and silence sounds amazing.

  • But…no Southern Gospel music!

  • Yeah, and I decided to reject God and become a Liberal Democrat Atheist. Laugh out loud. Just about as good a joke as my friend who put a pregnancy test pic on her Facebook and took an old ultrasound and posted it. Tricked a lot of people into thinking she [EDIT: Just so you know, I’d prefer you didn’t use that expression or similar ones in the future. I’d like to keep things as family-friendly as possible. Thanks! YGG]

  • Wow I got COMPLETELY fooled!

  • Cool. 😀

  • I was until I read the comments.
    I did my own little prank. I just got on Facebook and posted on my wall that Gold City had hired me as their bassist and was bring back the Band of Gold and that I would be spending the next couple weeks moving from Oregon to Gadsden. A couple people actually fell right in. I also posted it on my blog where there’s a link on my username.

  • I think you need to retype your URL. The link on your name takes people to an empty site.

  • He forgot a period

  • quartet-man

    The Catholic thing was a stretch, but you have said before you like “high church”, so it might have very slightly been possible although not really since I am sure you have problems with some of their Theology. The vow of silence would have had me pinch myself to see that I were awake and then look outside to see if the moon had turned blood red. 😉

  • I have many, many problems with Catholic theology and practice. Now more than ever since Vatican II. There’s really no reason to convert at this point as some Protestants have considered. Not only are you turning over your brain to the Church, but you don’t even get the beauty and the reverence in return. That was yesterday!

  • quartet-man

    I don’t know much of their theology but enough to know I have disagreements.

  • David Mac

    There is, no doubt, some girl or woman out there who is going through – mistakenly – this very crisis. Not that it could be God’s will, but deluded into so thinking. While I appreciate the desire for ‘one-up-womanship’ on April 1st, I must needs be the Jonah of this party.
    Am I the only Christian commenting within SGM who finds this deeply non-funny and vaguely sinister that it might even be so considered?
    Since some of our fore-fathers died for coming out of that system, it hardly is the stuff of laughs to be joking about a return journey. Seriously.

  • Yes David. I’m afraid you are quite alone. 😀

  • There we go.

  • I’ll be honest, part of the reason I believed this most of Friday is because this isn’t the type of thing usually joked about. So I was somewhat surprised when I first read it.

  • quartet-man

    Yeah, and that is why I was fooled by the first sentence or two.

  • Lol! I was thinking this has to be a big joke. I read it on, Sunday April 3rd, and then I saw the I slap floor! I love that!! Wanted to use it on our April 1st blog, but I didn’t do a joke.