A Canine Quartet?

A Canine Quartet? November 15, 2011

I’m not sure how familiar my readers are with classic Disney movies, but this is just too cute not to post. It seemed that as long as Walt himself was around, Disney pictures maintained the “golden touch,” and one gem from this era was the film Lady And the Tramp, released in 1956. The studio brought popular singer Peggy Lee on board to write songs and help set the musical tone for the picture. She worked with Sonny Burke to create several charming numbers, one of which was a little song called “He’s A Tramp.”

This video shows the live recording session for that song, and it features a quartet of…dogs. Just watch and enjoy:

This clip also provides a great glimpse into the “good old days” of recording, when all the musicians were in the same room, and the singer just sang into a microphone. No piece-by-piece layering, no auto-tune, no nothing. Just pure, tight-knit talent.

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