Spring Break Bucket List

Spring Break Bucket List March 1, 2012

When I realized Spring Break was coming up, I resolved to make a list of all the things I’ve been planning to think about getting around to doing… so that I could maybe actually do some of them.* (*This presupposes that I will survive my mid-terms of course.)
Now I’m not unrealistic. I know full well that I probably won’t accomplish half the things on this list. To some extent, it’s a fantasy.
But it sure would be nice if I could…

*Scrape at least a few gigs off of my sadly over-burdened hard drive.
*Begin to take the first steps toward scratching the surface of catching up on my Bible reading plan (I seem to recall that was a New Year’s Resolution—in a word, haha).
*Clean my room. No, really, clean my room!
*Record some cover tunes, including “Bridge Over Troubled Water” which I’d really like to self-produce because it’s so fun to play and not too difficult.
*Finish one of my several music video projects that are sitting on my computer in various stages of incompletion.
*Take the shrink-wrap off of that Ronald Reagan movie I got for my birthday and actually watch it.
*Take the shrink-wrap off that CD I got for Christmas and actually listen to it.
*Write some southern gospel album reviews. I think I used to do those once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away.
Oh yes, and…
*Watch and savor Simon & Garfunkel’s Concert in Central Park all the way through, in one sitting. I’ve seen bits and pieces, but I want the whole experience, from beginning to end. Fortunately some kind soul has put it on Youtube in segments. What a night. Two Jewish dudes + one 12-string = magic.

So what do you think? Too ambitious? Not ambitious enough?

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  • quartet-man

    Simon and Garfunkel has some great stuff. It was a winning combination of Garfunkel’s voice (he could sing like a bird) and Simon’s songs. My favorite would be “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, but there are others. A friend from High School introduced me to them and we used to duet on their songs when driving to Indy. We were once going to sing one at a program after school, but the teacher wouldn’t let us due to her being ticked off at my friend. (In a sense).
    A while back I tried to find a clip for you from a gospel program Simon did, but the clip I wanted (“Gone At Last”…another great song) isn’t on You Tube.

  • That’s so cool! And I totally agree, it was the two of them complementing each other that made them great. Ironically, it’s what killed their partnership too, since each one sort of envied the other. I think that was especially true for Simon. When he initially wrote “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” he actually knew it would be perfect for Garfunkel’s voice and insisted he sing it, but then later he felt terribly jealous when it became such a hit and people didn’t identify it with Simon. He’s quoted as saying that every time the crowd would go wild, he wanted to interject, “Ah, thank you, I WROTE THAT!”
    Some people will say the only thing greater than Simon & Garfunkel is Paul Simon, and I will admit Simon did some amazing things he couldn’t have done with Garfunkel (Graceland, anyone?) But I do feel something was lost along the way—he never really stopped writing great songs, yet there was a certain aura about the early work he did with Garfunkel, a sweetness that’s hard to describe. It just wasn’t quite the same when THAT (whatever THAT was) wore off.
    I do like the song “Gone At Last,” and I read somewhere that Simon actually made an appearance on a New York Homecoming video but was edited out for contract reasons. I wonder what he sang. Also, one of my favorite Christian singer-songwriters mysteriously got the chance to sit down with him recently and just chat music and writing for a half hour (Andrew Peterson, together with his producer Ben Shive). Oh, to have been a fly on the wall… especially since I’ve always thought writers like Simon ask some questions only writers like Andrew are capable of answering.

  • Some Breaking News— Tim Greene of the Tim Greene Trio was involved in a Bus Accident. He is in Surgery. Needs our Prayers

  • Thank you Ron. I just now got back home from school and saw your comment. I’ve published a brief post—we’ll definitely keep Tim in our prayers!

  • Kirsten

    Haha! Numbers 2 and 3 are on my list as well, along with hopefully starting up a study guide in advance so I don’t have to panic about my finals. Not sure if that’ll actually happen though. 😉
    I think your list sounds do-able. Good luck! We’re all hanging on for Spring break now, huh?

  • Thanks! I’m thinking ahead to finals too… I’m going to be applying for a summer job the following week at my local grocery store. Want to make a little real cash. 🙂