Why I Despair For the Church

Why I Despair For the Church September 30, 2012

Here is a fellow who considers himself a Christian but showed his true colors when I pressed him a little on the issue of abortion. He said “What’s the point of passing a law that just forces the unsaved to act a little less unsaved?” I responded by asking “What’s the point of passing a law against infanticide?”
Heretofore he’d managed to keep his capitalization and punctuation under control, but I guess I touched a nerve. I quote verbatim. (This comment got a “like,” I might add. On a Christian website.)

“infantcide”? really? i couldn’t care less if a woman aborts a fetus. there…i said it! the unborn is the unborn!!!! killing an “infant” is something ENTIRELY different!!!!!! SHOW ME WHERE THE BIBLE DEFINES “MURDER”. PLEASE STOP PUTTING WORDS IN GOD’S MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know, that in Jesus’ time (the first century) the use of pennyroyal for the prevention of and termination of pregnancy was quite widespread. WHY DID JESUS NEVER PREACH AGAINST THIS????? TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know, it might be darkly comical if it wasn’t so heart-breakingly, devastatingly sad.
This is where the church is going.
Somebody rescue it.

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  • I have heard from old folks that one of the devils best tricks is to convince people that he isnt real.
    Now hes trying to convince the younger people that we arent doing anything wrong.
    justification of sins has evolved; now we are not even sinning.
    If we dont sin then we dont need Grace.
    As for the pennyroyal, I think Jesus made mention of the fact that there was wrong-doings that were going on and others would come along and help with those issues.

  • It was actually irrelevant because we know abortion was illegal under 1st century Judaism except for a life of the mother case. Plus, it was illegal to help a Gentile have an illegal abortion. So that wasn’t a relevant issue in the place where Jesus was focusing his ministry.
    But in any case, Jesus also didn’t preach against being dumb as a rock.

  • LOL

  • He may have gotten a “like” on a Christan website but this post gets a definite “like” from me.
    This shows what has been going on for a long time … call the unborn a fetus so it isn’t human anymore. When it’s not a human it isn’t infanticide. And not a sin, of course. So, “Christian” is safe (and saved) a far as he is concerned.
    It’s heartbreaking!

  • Lydia

    The “Jesus didn’t mention x” argument is so played. And…really, really bad. And dangerous. It takes only a modicum of imagination to start thinking of all the things Jesus didn’t preach against. For example, the Romans _did_ commit infanticide. The father had the power of life and death over the babies, and a girl baby might be exposed on a hillside. Jesus didn’t preach against that. Jesus didn’t preach against slavery, which was in fact practiced widely, and slaves were badly mistreated sometimes. Jesus didn’t preach against beating a slave or even a child, though that was practiced. Jesus didn’t preach against torture or crucifixion. And on and on and on.
    This is someone who is parroting a “pro-choice Christian” set of talking points he picked up somewhere. What’s saddest to me is the evident existence of whatever the group or website is from which he picked up his talking points.

  • Lydia

    Jesus was, however, notably “pro-child.” He welcomed children to come to him, said that we must become as little children to enter the kingdom of heaven, said that the angels of the children always behold God’s face in heaven (and, no, I don’t know exactly what that means, but it sounds pretty good and pretty pro-child, whatever it means), and said that if anyone caused a little one to stumble who believed on Him, it would be better for him to have a millstone hung around his neck and be thrown into the depths of the sea. So, y’know, if we consider that an unborn child is a child…Oh, yeah, but that’s what they deny. Well, I guess they’re going to have to start using some science and observation. After all, we could also say that Jesus didn’t preach against killing people over five feet tall, and maybe we’ll just say we can’t for the life of us figure out that they are actually human beings, either. Yes, sir, knowledge of reality, of nature, of things, is required to _apply_ biblical teaching to real life. How about that?

  • We don’t know what Jesus didn’t preach, unless we think every sermon he preached in a 3-year period is recorded in the gospels. I’d like to think he did a little more preaching that that.

  • It’s Stuff Christians Like, a satire website with a mild-mannered moderator that basically just puts up humor pieces and funny pictures. Posts themselves are strictly apolitical and try to keep finger-poking pretty even-handed as far as quirks of the left and the right are concerned. However, the comments threads attract a real motley crowd of readers, including some conservatives but also some atheists and lots of people like this guy who are clearly not Christian but like to pretend they are.

  • You have a very good point.

  • Also a good point, although I agree with Lydia that this “argument” holds no water even working with what we have.

  • Thank you Miss Riete! Yes, and isn’t it interesting that one moment he seemed to be admitting that it was “acting a little less unsaved” (whatever that even means) to not abort your child. But then it comes out that he doesn’t think it’s a human being anyway, and now we see what he really thinks.

  • Wow, what our world is coming to. No wonder Jesus gave us this encouragement, “Now when these things begin to take place, straighten up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” The worse this world becomes, and the more wolves attack the church, the more sure we can be that Jesus is coming soon. “I Know” by the Collingsworths comes to mind. What a perfect message for today.
    Funny, though, when all you did was say infanticide, he instinctively knew that you were referring to abortion. (Unless I misunderstood and you had already mentioned the subject.)

  • Sorry, I forgot to include the Scripture reference. Luke 21:28

  • No, I’d already been talking about abortion, he was arguing that it should be legal. I said, “Funny, we don’t use that logic about other forms of murder, such as infanticide,” and he blew up.

  • No doubt the church will always deal with liberal (and more importantly unscriptural) beliefs and professed believers. Paul dealt with it with the Corinthian church and incest. My college-aged daughter did a remarkable job defending scripture’s teaching on hell with a fellow that was determined to say it was something less than eternal torment, and he claimed to have her beat due to his more advanced hermeneutics.

  • Don’t even get me started on the educational level of our universities’ pagan college students. Don’t even get me started.