This is War!

This is War! January 27, 2013

A rousing update from Libbi Stuffle:

Yesterday was a rough day for Tracy. Last night his blood pressure and temp started rising. From 6 to 8 am & pm we have to leave ICU. I take the evening time to go to motel to shower and get refreshed. I admit I was a little down, well truth is a lot down! Before we left the motel to come back to hospital, my family gathered around me and prayed. When finished, I sat there for a few minutes gathering myself off the floor. When I stood up I said let’s go fight! All the way to the hospital something was rising up inside me! Walked into Tracy’s ICU room and all his vital signs were good.

TaRanda Greene has been a great support to me the past couple days. We were texting and somewhere out of the blue it hit me like lightening!! The devil has got to turn loose of Tracy’s body and turn loose from trying to defeat us in our minds! I put my foot down and declared war on the devil! We are warriors!! We have the greatest ammo on earth and it’s called prayer! I texted all of my family that “war was declared on satan!” I told them to suit up and let’s fight! I got permission from Tracy’s nurse to have all my family members who were at the hospital to come into his room and have a old fashion “come to Jesus prayer meeting!” I told them what things we were gonna pray about and told them if anyone in that room had any doubts to leave the room. No one left! I can’t tell you everything that happened, but God was in the room!! We prayed and sang!! That’s been almost 11 hours ago, all of Tracy’s vitals have been sitting on normal!!! Most of these without any help medically! I read healing scriptures over him and prayed over every area of his body!!! No, it’s not about what did, but it’s about what God did!! I am expecting a great miracle to take place!!! This is war!! Put on the whole Armour of God, and let’s send the devil packing back to hell where he came from!!!!! And in the mean time I want to kick his teeth clear out of his body and bruise his ole lying, no truth in him’s head!!!!!!!! If you don’t believe or agree with this, step away!

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  • We join you in prayer and your “Declaration Of War”. We are believing Tracy is healed. God we ask you in the name of Jesus to heal Tracy and restore his entire body. In the name of Jesus we command Satan to leave his body . Satan you are defeated!!!

  • Catherine Falconer

    God Bless Your Family! I need prayer too. I am going thru a rough time and need God to step up with His Promises He has given me. I want my life back to normal As it can get. I am at the moment listening to Laura Story “Blessings”. wow. God knows.

  • frencholdman

    Yes in the name of Jesus , Father, heal Tracy. This prayer comes from the south of France, to our heavenly Father, He is our refuge, Satan is defeated by the blood of Jesus shed on the Cross and by His resurrection

  • frencholdman

    Dear Sister Libbi
    Still praying for Tracy, how is he going?
    Blessings from France

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